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January 2011 Tile Talk Newsletter

January 2011

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Project Pick: Rust Capuchinas Backsplash
Colonial Antigua Rust Capuchinas

>> View Design Idea
Antigua Colonial Rust Capuchinas relief tiles are an eye-catching backsplash in this bathroom. The glaze reacts differently to the tile's texture, leaving a satin gloss finish on the flat areas and a matte effect on the relief.

Antigua Colonial tiles are available in four different glazes: rust, sand, blue green, and green.
Green Capuchinas Relief Deco Rust Capuchinas Relief Deco Sand Capuchinas Relief Deco
Green Rust Sand
Do you want to know how these relief tiles are made? Gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that is required to create each tile by hand, one at a time:

>> Blog Post: How Relief Tiles are Made


Ring in the New Year - SAVE 15% When You Spend $200
Barcelona Tiles

Barcelona San Jose
To help you start the New Year right, receive 15% off all online tile purchases when you spend $200 or more. Just place your order online before January 31, 2011.

Use coupon code: CHEERS during checkout. This offer is good for any online order!

>>Blog Post: Tile Ring in the New Year


Design Challenge Question & Five Different Designs

Do you know why you should never put molding directly against the ceiling in the shower? Find a tile you love but aren't sure how to design with it? It's cold out, we all get "brain-freeze."

Find the answer to these important questions and see five different designs using only 6"x6" field tile and trim. See the versatility of using basic tile formats to create different designs to suit a variety of lifestyles.

Design Sketch

>> Blog Post: Tile Designs for those "Brain-Freeze" Moments


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