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Tile Shapes: Hexagon

Tile Shapes: Hexagons
"My tile arrived today and all seems to be in good shape. Really appreciate the care in how each tile is wrapped and packed. Thank you again for all the great service. Look forward to working with you all again in the future. "
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June 2011 Tile Talk Newsletter

Classic Style with Cement Tile Borders & Solids

Classic Style with Cement Tile Borders

Do bright colors and patterns have you running scared? Relax. Create a classic look using a solid color cement tile with a simple border pattern. This timeless look creates a carpet for the entire room. In this design, an Alcala Border is paired with a solid terra cotta color cement tile. The terra cotta tile is placed on wide grout lines to create an old Hacienda feel that is rustic and relaxed. To create design interest, The terra cotta cement tiles are placed on point. Border patterns from any design can be used, like Cuban Heritage or Traditional tiles.

Cuban Heritage Design 130-3B Cement Tile
Traditional Alcala Cement Tile

Geo Cement Tile Traditional Cement Tile Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Heritage Solid Color Cement Tile
Geo Traditional Cuban Heritage Solids


TILE QUIZ TIME: Fact or Fiction
We're still Looking for a winner. Can you get all all five questions right? Give it a try and post your answers and win the prize.

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Tile Tip:

There are three ways to finish the top edge of the tile on a wall.

You can use:

  1. Molding - An expensive option that uses a cornice or bar shaped tile designed to provide a decorative flourish.

  2. Bullnose Tiles - a tile with a finished, glazed radius that curves to the back wall surface.

  3. Glazed Edge Tiles - a tile with a standard square edge that is glazed on one side edge.

Some Typical Moldings that Provide a Finished Edge

Find Out More:

>> Read Our Blog Post: How to Finish an Edge of Tile on a Wall


SUMMER SALE! Save 10% on Cuban Heritage Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage Tiles

160-2A Installation

The days are heating up and summer is officially here. Here's a great deal that will make you Salsa, Tango or Twist: 10% off all Cuban Heritage Tiles when you spend $500 or more. Just mention coupon code TANGO when you place your phone order. Call us to recieve a FREE estimate including shipping and freight. Sample stock of most patterns is available for immediate shipment. Allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery of most orders. Call 888.739.4972 (9-5 PST M-F) and place your oder today. This offer is valid for Cuban Heritage Tile Patterns only and does not include shipping or handling. Offer expires July 31, 2011.

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