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Encaustic Tile from Avente

About Encaustic Tile
cement tile Encaustic Tiles are cement tiles with a pressed marble dust top. Their pattern is not painted on and glazed like most decorative tiles, but is inlaid into the body of the tile. The term encaustic originally referred to the process of enameling, but around the 19th century the term was used to describe inlaid tile work because of its resemblance to enamel work.

How They Are Made
Encaustic Tiles, or cement tiles, are made by hand using a multi-step process. Three different layers make up each encaustic tile. The first layer creates the top, or patterned part of the tile. A patterned grid is placed at the bottom of a square mold and a color mixture of marble powder, white cement, and natural color pigments is poured in to each section of the grid.

The middle layer of the tile is made up of a mixture of Portland cement and fine sand and forms a strong bond between the patterned layer and the base of the tile.

cement tile The third, or base, layer of the encaustic tile is created using a mix of fine and regular cement, sand and limestone powder. Once the three layers have been poured, each Encaustic Tile is hydraulically pressed into a dense, heavy tile. It is then submerged in water for 28 days to make the tile extremely hard. Once the tiles have completely dried, they are ready to be carefully packaged and shipped.

Avente's Encaustic Tile
Our Encaustic Tiles are a beautiful "green" flooring option perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The tiles are durable and waterproof, and best of all, they are completely customizable. Please contact us with your specific design requirements and we can help you find a tile to fit your needs.

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