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Tile Shapes: Hexagon

Tile Shapes: Hexagons
"I received the Teruel tiles and I continue to LOVE THEM! I think they will be perfect for our fireplace. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You were fabulous to work with. The highlight of our entire renovation project. Thanks again!"
Beth K.
Vienna, VA
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Hand Painted Murals Tile from Avente

About Hand Painted Murals Tile
angel tile mural If you want to create a stunning focal point, a tile mural is the way to go. Available in various sizes our hand painted murals tile depict intricate scenes and bold designs to add artwork appeal to your space.

Mural Styles
There are many styles of murals tile and understanding the various types can help you decide what is right for your space.

Spanish style hand painted murals tile often depicts scenes or landscapes. They are stunningly intricate and no detail is overlooked. Blue and white colored murals, such as our Angel murals, are created using the majolica technique and are inspired by Chinese porcelain designs.

Quarter design murals are created using an enlarged version of our Spanish tile designs. The design is made up using multiple tiles to create one large mural. These quarter design murals create expanded design options so that a large focal point can be incorporated with standard size tile accents, as shown in this fireplace.

Hand painted murals tile are painted and fired by master artisans. A design, or drawing, is applied to the tile bisque and each individual tile is painted, one at a time, eventually forming a complete mural. No two tile murals are exactly alike.

In addition to the standard tile murals that we have available, we are also able to customize a mural to your exact specifications. We can create custom signs or can replicate a design on a larger, mural scale.

andalucia tile mural Uses
Hand painted mural tiles work beautifully in a variety of areas, such as a stove backsplash, entryway, fireplace, shower, or even as a backdrop to a water feature. If tile can be installed in your space, then a mural can go there too!

Tile murals look great paired with a coordinating field tile, and we have many options available. In addition, many of our hand painted murals tile look fantastic when paired with natural stone.

View our entire collection of Hand Painted Murals Tile!

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