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Michelle R.
Shawnee, KS

Leaf Imprint Backsplash

Leaf Imprint Backsplash

In this installation, the Leaf Imprint tiles are paired with dark slate tiles. The effect is one of high contrast and the decorative tiles are the focus and command your eye.

Pin It Leaf Imprint Backsplash

Maple Leaf Imprint Tile
Maple Leaf Imprint Tile (8"x8")

Ash Leaf Imprint Tile
Ash Leaf Imprint Tile (8"x8")

Ginkgo Leaf Imprint Tile
Ginkgo Leaf Imprint Tile (8"x8")

The tile's stony matte finish accents natural stone beautifully. The variation found in natural stone works perfectly with hand-painted tiles because each tile is hand-colored and no two leaves are exactly the same.

These are the tiles used in this kitchen backsplash:

Our Leaf Imprint tiles are popular kitchen backsplash accents. We've had customers share their installation photos and you can read about them on our blog, Avente Tile Talk:

  1. Leaf Imprint Tiles Make the Kitchen Backsplash (4"x4" format).
  2. Leaf Imprint Tile Backsplash from a Customer (8"x8" format).
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