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Cement Tile Adds Warmth to Bedroom Design

Cement Tile Adds Warmth to Bedroom Design

Cement tiles often dazzle with intricate patterns and lots of color. In this bedroom, cement tiles take their cue from a different aesthetic. To achieve a simple design or for small rooms, consider using two or three colors at the most. The modest design with its clean lines creates a comfortable, cozy feel for any room that will impress.

Pin It Cement Tile Adds Warmth to Bedroom Design

A triple border is used around the Cruz Saldrigas field tile. The Cruz Saldrigas border is surrounded on each side by a row of Alca border tiles, creating this triple border. Only two colors are used in this example: Heritage Solid Color White and Heritage Solid Color Indian Red.

Cement Tile Design Tip

Achieve the classic look of a tile rug on your floor with a border. The border cement tiles should frame the patterned field tiles and provide interest without distracting the main field pattern. Remember, DO NOT run the border right to the edge of the room. Leave at least 3 to 4-inches between the outside border and edge of the room for a solid color "fill tile." Room edges are never square and cuts to the border will emphasize what is not square, thereby guaranteeing an unprofessional or undesirable result. Cutting the solid color "fill tile" doesn't show, and it allows the rug to sit perfectly in the room.

Additional Design Ideas

Learn more about cement tile border patterns by reading our post, Using Cement Tile Borders.


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