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Cement Tiles

About Cement Tiles
Cement tiles offer durability with design flexibility. Because of their resistance and versatility, cement tiles are perfect for flooring a bathroom, kitchen, dining room or outdoor patio. With a wide array of colors and designs available, you can easily coordinate cement tiles into any space. You can customize any of the 27 available patterns using any of the more than 54 available colors. Custom color matches and custom designs are also available.

How They Are Made
Unlike ceramic tiles which are made from clay and then fired, cement tiles are hand made using a traditional manufacturing process requiring several steps.

First, the color layer is prepared using a mixture of marble powder, white cement and other minerals. The color mixture is hand poured into molds and grids in which the designs of the tile are formed. Next, a layer of cement is sprinkled on top, thus providing a bond between the color layer and the body of the tile. A layer of cement and sand then creates the tile body. The tile is then hydraulically pressed into shape to increase density and then cured underwater to create extra hardness.

How to Order
You can view the entire collection of cement tiles in our online catalog including the Cuban Heritage line of cement tiles.

If you are interested in adding cement tile to your space, please contact Avente for a quote and discuss customization of colors or patterns.

For installation information, please see our Installation Guide.

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