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"My tile arrived today and all seems to be in good shape. Really appreciate the care in how each tile is wrapped and packed. Thank you again for all the great service. Look forward to working with you all again in the future. "
Ann L.
Sante Fe, NM
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Yucatan Ceramic Tile

Inspired from old sprawling haciendas and villas found throughout the Mexican peninsular state, the Yucatan line combines unparalleled durability and sophistication. The Yucatan is a vitreous tile, making it the ideal choice for countertops, fireplaces, pools/spas, fountains, interior and exterior installations, and freeze/thaw conditions.

Because the Yucatan collection is a handmade ceramic tile product, minor nicks and marks under the glaze are to be expected, and only add to the character and versatility!

In addition to the extensive palette of colors available within the Yucatan series, we also offer various trim, molding and accessories in each glaze.

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Verde 4
4" x 4"
$3.16 per tile ($ US)

Cobalt Top P-Molding 2
Cobalt Top P-Molding
2" x 6"
$16.18 per tile ($ US)

Cobalt Flat Bar Liner 1
Cobalt Flat Bar Liner
1" x 6"
$11.60 per tile ($ US)

Cobalt Quarter Round 1
Cobalt Quarter Round
1" x 6"
$11.58 per tile ($ US)

Cobalt Beak 1
Cobalt Beak
1" x 1"
$13.00 per tile ($ US)

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