Cement Tile Wall Brings Warmth to Bath Space

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Large patterned cement tiles naturally draw the eyes to this beautiful tub area. The homeowners and designer skillfully tied in the Traditional Sosua handmade cement tile pattern used on the floor with that used on the wall.

Cement Tile Wall Brings Warmth to Bath Space

Notice also the large format stone and mosaic tile used in this bathroom, which pairs up naturally with the cement tile.

Cement tiles are not just for floors! They can create a breathtaking focal point in any room, large or small.

Cement Tile Installation Tip

To see just how versatile handmade cement tile is, we recommend reading our Cement Tile Installation Guide, or, you can watch a slide show of all the Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Designs available.

Did you also know you could further customize your handmade cement tile design by using our Cement Tile Customization Services? There are more than 90 Heritage Solid Colors available to choose from for making your design truly unique!

Tips for Using Cement Tile in Your Bath

In this bathroom, the Sosua cement tile pattern and its colors have taken visual cues from the surrounding textures and palette. To achieve a simple design or for small rooms, consider using two or three colors at the most. The modest design with its clean lines creates a comfortable, cozy feel for any room that will impress.

For more cement tile design inspiration, check out all the ideas weve posted on backsplashes, floors and walls in our project and idea books on houzz.com, see what were pinning onto our growing Pinterest boards, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas portfolio page.

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