Moroccan Inspired Cement Tile Floor

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The patterned cement tile in this bedroom takes its cues from the Moroccan tradition of zellij tile design. The bright jewel-tones, especially the blue, and small, intricate geometric lattice pattern are details found in zellij tile and the inspiration for this pattern. The Casablanca rug pattern is available in the standard 8-inch format with a less-common 4x8 border and 4x4 corner.

Moroccan Inspired Cement Tile Floor

Cement Tile and Moroccan Tile

Zellij is the art of hand cut geometric mosaic design. Both decorative and elegant, Zellij tile is is noted for its rich colors and pattern. It is one of the highest forms of artistic expression in Moroccan culture and the Islamic world and its repetitive mathematical patterns carry artistic, religious and scientific meaning.


The saturated blue, bright yellows, and deep greens in the Heritage Color Palette are great choices for emulating Moroccan zellij tile.

Solid Color Cement Tiles

Because they are hand-crafted, plain cement tiles in a single, solid color have a slight variation in shade that adds subtle sophistication. The plain cement tiles around the rug are often referred to as "fill tile" because they are used to fill the area around the border and rug. To make a room "pop", consider a bright, bold color like the blue used in this design. In this case, the blue is also thematic, it represents the gem-tones one might find in a zellij mosaic.

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