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Cement Tile Information Center

Welcome to Avente Tile's Handmade Cement Tile Information Center! Our passion for cement tile has led us to offer one of the broadest collections of cement tile patterns anywhere on the Internet.

Not only do we have no minimums on orders, but, given our extensive experience in selling cement tile, we care immensely about finding custom cement tile solutions for any budget.

Within this Handmade Cement Tile Information Center, you'll find links to resources designed to answer all your questions. If you don't find the answers you need, then please let us know by completing our Request Information form.

More specifically:
Patterned cement tile colors can be customized to create a unique look
Patterned cement tile colors can be customized to create a unique look

Designing with Cement Tile

Learn about Cement Tile

Cement Tile Installation, Care and Maintenance

Quick Reference to the Cement Tiles Carried By Avente Tile

Avente Tile offers an expansive selection of patterned cement tile, relief and molding cement tile, and solid color cement tiles to coordinate with traditional Cuban Heritage, Artist Series, Geometric, Classic and Mission cement tile patterns, as well as cement tile Fragments. Click on the images below to browse through Avente's selection of handmade cement tiles.

Remember: cement tiles are handmade, one tile at a time, making each tile unique and different - you'll see the hand of the artisan tile-maker in each cement tile.

Heritage Cement Tile Patterns & Heritage Color Palette

Use the Heritage color palette for any Cuban, Traditional and Geometric pattern. Textured and Heritage Molding are available in any Heritage Color with a polished or unpolished finish. Patterned tiles are generally available in an 8"x8" format. Heritage Solid Color Tiles are available in square formats that range from 4"x4" to 14"x14", plus you'll find a few octagonal and rectangular options. Use the Heritage Price List to understand the costs for each format, finish, and color group. Heritage tile prices are determined, in part, by color choice. In general, dark greens and blues will force you to use the more expensive B or C color groups. This flexible line is a great choice because there are no minimums and there are more than 80 colors to choose from.

Patterned Cement Tile

Relief & Molding

Heritage Colors & Fragments

Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage
Cuban Heritage
Cement Tile
Cement Tile
Heritage Solid Color
Heritage Solid Color
Cement Tile
Artist Series
Artist Series
Cement Tile
Cement Tile
Heritage Molding
Heritage Cement Tile
Molding & Stairs
Fragments - Cement Tile Mosaics for Backsplash & Walls
Fragments Mosaic
Cement Tile

Classic Tile Patterns & Color Palette

The colors in any Classic cement tile pattern can be changed using the Classic Color Palette. Classic Solid Color Tiles are available in square formats that include 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" formats, a 4"x8" format, and surface bullnose tiles for a finished edge. Full-box quantities and minimums are required when ordering. For details on these requirements, see the product page or see our A Guide to Choosing the Best Cement Tile for Your Needs. Classic Cement Tiles are the "go-to" line if you need your tiles immediately for any project. Most patterns found in our catalog are stocked with a well-matched set of coordinating Solid Color Classic tiles (all in 8"x8" format). Contact us for inventory, pricing and minimum order requirements.

Mission Tile Patterns & Color Palette

You may substitute colors in any Mission Cement Tile pattern using the 60-color Mission palette. Molds are often available for patterns in an 8"x8", 10"x10" and 6"x6" format. Mission Solid Color Tiles are available in square formats that range from 4"x4" to 12"x12", plus rectangular, octagonal and colonial shapes. For sizes, options and pricing, please see Mission Cement Tile Price Guide, or contact us. Again, tile prices are determined, in part, by color choice and the number of colors used. In general, dark greens and blues will be more expensive. When ordering, note the order minimums and full-box quantities required found in the product catalog or our Guide to Choosing the Best Cement Tile for Your Needs page.
Classic Cement Tile
Classic Solid Color
Classic Solid Color Cement Tile
Mission Tile
Mission Cement Tile
Mission Solid Color
Mission Solid Color Cement Tile

Rustic Cement Tile Pavers

These cement tiles have the same rustic look you'll find in traditional clay bisque tiles and pavers from Spain and Mexico. This flexible line of made-to-order floor tiles is available in square and rectangular formats from 2"x2" to 16"x16". Once you've selected the size, you can then choose from our either our Classic or Premium color palette.

Arabesque Cement Tile Pavers

With unique shapes reminiscent of historical Moorish, Spanish and Mexican tiles, these pavers are anything but square. Chose from 6 Classic Bisque colors like Saltillo and Brick Flash, for a more traditional look. Or, choose from our 24 Premium colors to create a classic look with a contemporary flair.
Classic Saltillo Cement Tile Paver
Classic Tile Pavers
Premium Cement Tile Pavers
Premium Tile Pavers
Arabesque Cement Tile Paver
Arabesque Tile Pavers
Arabesque Tile Pavers
Arabesque Tile Pavers

Being made of concrete, cement tiles and cement tile floors are extremely durable and may accurately be referred to as concrete tiles. Cement tiles are an eco-friendly green product since they are not kiln-fired. If you need some inspiration or want to see how cement tiles are used, visit our Cement Tile Design Ideas.

Where Can I Install Cement Tiles?

You can install cement tiles on floors, walls, backsplashes, lobbies and entries, or kitchen counters, bathrooms and ceilings. They are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Most cement tiles are not frost proof and are not suitable for outdoor locations that are subject to freeze/thaw conditions.

Being made of concrete, cement tiles and cement tile floors are extremely durable and may accurately be referred to as concrete tiles. Cement tiles are an eco-friendly green product since they are not kiln-fired.

Cement Tile Installation

Cement Tiles Go by Many Names

Cement tile go by many names. They are made of concrete and called cement tiles to distinguish them from ceramic tiles. Cement Tiles are also commonly called Hydraulic Tiles which describes the manufacturing process -- each tile is hydraulically pressed under high-pressure.

Handcraft Cement Tiles are also called Cuban Tiles (in Florida); Mosaicos Hidraulicos, Ladrilhos Hidraulicos, Baldosas Hidraulicas in Spanish-speaking nations; Carreaux de Ciment or carrelages du ciment (in France and Belgium). Less common names include Portuguese tegels, Barcelona Tile (because they were used by Gaudi in his home city by the same name), Redondo Tile and Mission Tile.

Cement tiles are often mistakenly called Encaustic Tiles or Encaustic Cement Tiles. Encaustic tiles are created with an inlaid pattern of two or more different colors of clay and are more correctly called inlaid tiles.

Cement Tile Customization

Cement tiles can also be customized. For creative, design people, Avente offers Cement Tile Customization Services for tiles in our Cuban Heritage design and Heritage Colors line.

YouTube Videos about Cement Tiles

Cement Tile - Making Patterned Tile - Mar 2, 2010
Watch cement tiles being made. The pigmented cement is hand-poured into the patterned mold. The mold is removed.

How to Apply a Penetrating Sealer to Cement Tile - Cement Tile Installation Tips - Jun 11, 2015
This short video shows how to apply a penetrating sealer to unsealed and previously sealed cement tiles. This important part of the installation process protects cement tile from water and staining.

How to Apply a Grout Release - Cement Tile Installation Tips - Oct 2, 2014
Learn how to apply grout release to cement tiles. This optional step is a great insurance policy to protect your tiles from the hazards of installers and making sure the grout is easily removed.

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