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March 2013 Tile Talk Newsletter

Project Pick: Create a Mosaic with Gourmet Garden Tiles

Gourmet Garden Tiles

The green of Saint Paddy's day, springing the clocks forward, and the warmer temperatures have us thinking about Spring and the outdoor garden. Our Gourmet Garden Matte tiles create a classic kitchen theme of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables.

The matte finish works well with tumbled stone, like travertine or marble. The slightly uneven edges create a charming and slightly rustic feel. Each tile is exquisitely hand-painted in relief. The backsplash shown uses 4"x4" tiles in a checkerboard mosaic pattern, and is framed with a charming twig border created by the same artist. Create your own mosaic backsplash by choosing your favorite vegetables or colors!

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Pinterest: March Turns Us Green With Envy

Avente Tile's Color of the Year Pinterest Board Avente Tile's Green Pinterest Board

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." -- Pedro Calderon de la Barca

The color green not only symbolizes money (U.S. currency), but it also symbolizes safety, regeneration, and honor, among other things. Did you know:

  • Green, blue-green, and blue are sacred colors in Iran, where they symbolize paradise.
  • As the emblematic color of Ireland, green represents the vast green hillsides, as well as the country.s patron saint, St. Patrick.
  • Green is regarded as the color of eternal life in Japan.
  • In the Aztec culture, green was considered to be royal because it was also the color of the quetzal plumes used by the Aztec chieftains.
  • The Chinese believe jade stones represent virtue and beauty.
  • The Portuguese believe green represents hope because of its association with spring.
  • In the highlands of Scotland, people wear green as a mark of honor.

So you see, March is not only synonymous with the color green and Spring, but it also represents royalty, virtue, life, and honor, too.

In honor of this wonderful month of March, we've selected a sampling of ceramic and cement tiles that would fit in perfectly with your current or upcoming projects!

Did you know? You can go Green with cement tiles!

While we are celebrating the green, did you know that cement tiles are considered a green product?

  • Cement tiles are completely handmade and never have to be fired in a kiln, which means that the amount of energy used in our manufacturing process is very low.

  • Because no firing is required, no pollution-creating fossil fuels are used during the tile production phase.

  • Harmful chemicals that may affect the environment are never used.

  • Plentiful local materials like sand and aggregate are used to minimize transportation of raw materials.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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