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September 2016

Hexagon Cement Tile in Sultry Reds Makes a Sexy Master Bath

Hexagon cement tile in a warm, random colorway are used for this bathroom floor.
Hexagon cement floor tile in a blend of warm reds and textures creates an inviting master bath.

If you are a fan of the sexy, six-sided polygon then you'll love this master bath. A bold design design for this contemporary master bath using a blend of 6" hexagon tiles in different shades of sultry reds with various surface textures.

To create this bathroom design, Avente customer, Ahmad H., worked with designer, Caroline E. Shillito, from emma delon. Ahmad knew he liked the red color blend, Duoro, from images he had seen online. After confirming colors and textures with samples for the floor tile, they decided the color blend was perfect. However, Ahmad and Caroline felt the pitted luna texture wasn't appropriate for the bathroom floor and removed that texture from the blend. Avente Tile was glad to accommodate their request because customizing a tile for you is what we do best. The red blend of colors makes for one very cool bath!

For additional design, installation tips and recommendations using hexagon tiles, read Avente's Hexagon Cement Tile Buying Guide.

To see some of the different hexagon tiles we offer, visit our product catalog. Remember, colors, sizes and textures can be customized within the line.

Favorite Hexagon Tile Designs

Hexagon tiles have cast a spell (or should we say hex) on the design world and it's easy to see why. Hexagon tiles are a great way to add style to just about any design. From floors to accent walls, their versatility and style always adds some pizazz. A random blend of different colored hexagon tiles makes an eye-popping design. Consider one of our popular existing blends to make it simple or make your own blend for a truly personal statement. Visit our blog, to find some of our favorite hexagon tile installations and designs using color blends.

The patio at Zinqué  Cafe in Los Angeles California uses Hexagon Cement Tiles to create a hip vibe
Hexagon Cement Tiles create a hip vibe on the patio at Zinqué Cafe, Los Angeles, California.

New Patterns! In-Stock Cement Tile

We have your style in cement tile. You'll find thousands of in-stock cement tiles that are ready to ship. Our stocked tiles include traditional or contemporary patterns in both classic and easy-to-use colorways. We also have many rustic and vintage arabesque tiles if you want to create Old World charm. Our selection of in-stock encaustic cement tiles ship within 2 or 3 days business days and will delivered to your door in less than a week in most cases. Our freshest patterns are below. However, we have thousands of tiles. Just click over to our in-stock cement tile page.

Bucharest A Cement Tile
913 sq. ft.
2100 pieces

Bucharest A
8" x 8"

Madesimo C cement tile
522 sq. ft.
1200 pieces

Madesimo C
8" x 8"

Stripes C cement tile
1591 sq. ft.
3660 pieces

Stripes C
8" x 8"

Cordova Winslet Blend Arabesque Cement Tile
300 sq. ft.

Winslet Blend

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