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October 2016

Cement Tile Adds Subtle Touch to Traditional Bath

Cement floor tile add a touch of color and charm to this New York City bathroom
Cement floor tile add a touch of color and charm to this New York City bathroom
Photo Credit: Lauren Rubin Architecture

A traditional Moroccan pattern, Classic Alhambra B, was the choice for this residential bathroom floor. The tile has a modern, clean look that isn't "too busy" because it's executed with two colors. The tile provides a pleasing look that works well with the design of the whole bathroom - adding a touch of color and pattern. The design team at Lauren Rubin Architecture worked with the homeowner to create the updated look for this bathroom. Lauren Rubin Architecture, based in New York City, New York, is an architecture and design firm specializing in clean modernism with a warm design aesthetic.

Avente had the pleasure of working with Lauren Rubin Architecture on this project. Lauren Rubin Architecture made sure the homeowner would be thrilled with the floor tile. First, a sample was procured to confirm color choice. Additionally, with the help of Avente, the differences between cement tile and ceramic tile were explained.

Cement tiles differ from ceramic and porcelain tiles. For example, cement tile must be sealed. Additionally, the shipping costs will be greater especially on small projects because cement tiles are heavy. In fact, a single tile weighs over three pounds. For this project, only 50 sq. ft. were required and the cost of freight was about 25% of the total order cost. Before you decide to use cement tile, there are several factors you should consider. Our helpful guide, Cement Tile: 7 Things You Need to Know before You Buy explains these differences and it's FREE! You'll find answers to help you decide if cement tile is the right choice for small projects like the bathroom shown here.

Favorite Cement Tile Bathroom Designs

Looking for more inspiration on how to use cement tile for your bathroom? Take a look at 13 Stylish Bathrooms Designed with Encaustic Cement Tile. You'll find more bathrooms designed with cement tile that feel right at home. With their design versatility, cement tiles provide a look that you will love and offer durability that will last for years to come.

Patterned cement tile colors can be customized to create a unique look
Patterned cement tile colors can be customized to create a unique look

In-Stock Cement Tile

We have your style in cement tile and it might even be in stock. We have thousands of in-stock cement tiles ready to ship from warehouses on both coasts. Our stocked tiles include traditional and contemporary patterns in easy-to-use colorways. Orders for in-stock encaustic cement tiles ship in about 2 or 3 business days and are delivered to your door in about a week. Here's a few of our favorite patterns or visit our in-stock cement tile page to find even more.

Alhambra B Cement Tile
1196 sq. ft.
2750 pieces

Alhambra B
8" x 8"

Madesimo C cement tile
522 sq. ft.
1200 pieces

Madesimo C
8" x 8"

Neiba E cement tile
368 sq. ft.
847 pieces

Neiba E
8" x 8"

Geometric 10C Cement Tile
78 sq. ft.
180 pieces

Geo 10C
8" x 8"

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