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Cement Tile from Avente

The History of Cement Tile
cement tile Cement Tiles created using a hydraulic press, also known as encaustic tiles, were first created in the mid-19th century in Europe. They originally were used only in more prestigious buildings and high-end homes, but by the turn of the century, cement tiles could be found in homes all over the country. Their widespread popularity was not only due to the unique beauty of the tiles, but because of their outstanding durability. Around the 1960's and 70's these flooring tiles fell out of favor and were replaced with less colorful floors. The current trend of using 'green' building products has created a revival for Cement Tile. The wide array of available colors, custom patterns, and the fabulous matte finish of the tiles makes them a fresh, yet practical choice for those desiring something completely unique.

How They Are Made
Unlike ceramic tiles which are made from clay and then fired, Cement Tiles are hand made using a traditional manufacturing process requiring several steps.

The tiles are composed of three layers, and each tile is about 3/4 of an inch thick when finished. The tile maker first places a patterned grid at the bottom of a square mold. The color layer is prepared using a mixture of marble powder, white cement and other minerals, and natural color pigments. Each color mixture is hand poured into the mold and grid which creates the design of the tile. cement tile

The second or middle layer consists of grey Portland cement and fine sand and is designed to help draw the excess water from the top layer. It also provides a strong bond between the color layer and the body of the tile.

The third and final layer is made up of fine and regular cement, sand and limestone powder which creates the tile body. This mixture forms a porous surface which makes it ideal for adhering the tile to the floor. Each Cement Tile is then hydraulically pressed into shape to increase density and then cured underwater for up to 28 days to create extra hardness. They are then dried and set to age which allows the tile to harden even more before shipping.

About Our Cement Tiles
Avente's Cement Tiles are a durable, waterproof, eco-friendly flooring option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Avente offers a full collection of Cement Tile. You can customize any of our available patterns using any of the more than 80 available colors. Custom color matches and custom designs are also available. Please contact us with your specific design requirements and we can help you find a tile to fit your needs.

View our collection of cement tiles! Or, see a slide show of all the Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Designs.

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