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Crackle Tiles from Avente

About our Crackle Tiles
gossamer green crackle tile Our Gossamer Crackle tiles are completely handmade and hand painted. They are designed to have a soft crackle finish that brings an antique feel, as well as a look of sophistication due to the subtle change in color values. Because each tile is handmade and hand cut, our crackle tiles will each be unique and will vary slightly in shape and size. Crackle tiles come with tiny lines or cracks in the finish. Additional cracks or crazing may develop over time.

How They Are Made
Gossamer Crackle tiles are pressed by hand and individually cut. The clay pieces are painted, glazed and then fired. Because the materials in the clay shrink at a different rate than the glaze, hairline cracks occur on the surface of the tile. This process creates the exceptional crackle finish on each tile and adds depth to the wonderful, soft colors of our Gossamer line.

talavera ultima tile Use & Care
Crackle tiles are intended for interior wall applications only. They require special care when used in wet areas, such as showers and baths because water can seep through the cracks on the face of the tile, moistening the tile bisque and discoloring the tile until it dries. To prevent this, the tiles should be sealed before and after grouting.

Avente offers a full collection of Crackle Tile in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

See our entire collection of Gossamer crackle tile!

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