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About Decorative Tile
barcelona decorative tile Decorative tile, often called deco tile, consists of any tile that has an image or design painted on to add decoration to a space. Some of the most popular styles of decorative tile include Spanish or Mexican designs, but endless design options are available, from fruit and vegetable tiles to animal and sea life tiles. Decorative tiles set the mood or tone of a space and can create an eye catching focal point, or be a subtle accent.

Decorative Tile vs. Field Tile
What is the difference between decorative tile and field tile? Field tile encompasses any solid colored, or multi-tonal tile that is absent of a design. Decorative tiles always have a design on them, whether it is painted on or is a raised image, as seen in relief tiles. Although these two types of tiles are distinctly different, they can work together to create a beautiful look. Pairing decorative tile with field tile allows for even more design options than when using strictly one or the other.

spanish decorative tileCreating the right look
Decorative tiles come in various sizes, allowing you to create a look that is perfect for your space. Smaller tiles, such as 1"x1" or 2"x2" dots can be used as accents within a backdrop of field tile, creating a subtle decorative look. Using decorative tile borders, such as 3"x6" tiles or a row of square decorative tiles can draw the eye across a room and provide a cohesive decorative element throughout the entire space. For a dramatic effect, cover an entire area with decorative tile. This works well for a backsplash, bath, or showers.

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