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Field Tile from Avente

About Field Tile
elitra field tile Field tile is the tile used to cover the main area of a tile installation, whether it is a backsplash, countertop, or floor. Named because it covers the main "field", field tile is typically solid in color and can be paired with other solid colored tile or with decorative tile.

How they are made
Field Tile can be made a variety of ways. It can be made from natural stone, it can be manufactured by machine, or it can be hand painted on tile bisque. All of our field tiles are hand painted using one of two methods. One method utilizes several different colors of glazes that are painted on to create one fully colored tile. The colors are often of the same color family and create a visually stunning color with tremendous depth. The second method used a single color that is brushed on leaving visible brush strokes. This technique makes for a truly handmade look.

spanish field tile Selecting Field Tile
Often times, selecting field tile is more difficult than deciding on a decorative tile. Choosing a bold color over a more neutral color, or a small field tile over a larger field tile can easily change the feel of a room. It is important to know what mood or tone you are looking to set in your space before purchasing field tile.

Keep in mind that the design pattern used during installation, as well as the color of grout used can also add impact to your space. Consider placing your field tile on the diagonal, or using a dark colored grout with a lightly colored field tile.

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