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Fish Tiles from Avente

About Fish Tiles
fish tile mural Picture your body floating effortlessly in clear blue water, the waves gently rocking you as you see a school of brightly colored tropical fish swim by. A seahorse dances near the coral and beyond that a sea turtle gracefully moves through the ocean. That vision can become a reality with beautiful decorative sea life tiles!

Tropical fish tiles, calming aqua blue water tiles, marine mammal tiles, and vibrant coral reef tiles, when brought together, can create a stunning ocean oasis perfect for a bath, shower, pool, fountain, tropical patio and much more. The photo to the right shows an entryway that has been creatively designed using our Whimsical Sea Life water field tiles interspersed with a variety of Whimsical Sea Life fish, seahorses, dolphins, alligators, turtles, octopus and coral reef tiles. This beautifully tiled wall mural is a spectacular conversation piece and creates a serene, calming walkway to the main building.

sea creature tile Shown in the image to the left, delightful sea creatures come to life in these adorable hand-painted tiles. These tiles are painted with intricate designs and bright, fun colors that are perfect for a child's bath, a creative pool application, or anywhere in a seaside retreat! Using a decorative ceramic fish tile motif in a swimming pool can add whimsical appeal and create a true oceanic experience for swimmers. Bathroom fish tiles bring the ocean to the inside and create a fabulous bathing experience that both adults and children can enjoy. Kitchen fish tiles or a fish tile backsplash are great for kitchens in tropical and beach homes. If subtlety is what you desire, fish tile insets can be placed within a field of blue field tile to add just a touch of sea life.

Reef and fish murals can draw the eye to a breathtaking focal point in your space. The Reef Mural collection of tiles, shown in the bottom right photo, depicts a virtual menagerie of underwater sea life, including fish, coral and plants. The beautiful blue-waterreef fish tile mural background permits these tiles to be used in any combination next to each other to form a mural. These tiles make ideal decor for your backyard swimming pool trim, kitchen or bath backsplash.

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