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Hand Painted Sinks from Avente

About Hand Painted Sinks
Barcelona Sink Hand painted sinks are an artistic and unique way to add interest and beauty to a bathroom, powder room, vanity, or wet bar. Just like hand painted tile, hand painted sinks are individually handcrafted and painted with care and no two are exactly alike. These sinks come in under mount, over mount, pedestal and vessel varieties to accommodate a variety of design tastes.

In addition to the numerous mounting choices, the sinks come in many extraordinary colors and designs. Imported hand painted Spanish, Mexican, mosaic sinks and artistic vessel sinks are just a few of the styles we offer. Hand crafted Mexican sink styles use bold color and themes of birds, animals, and plants. Hand Painted Spanish designs involve more stylistic floral patterns or geometric patterns. Hand crafted Mosaic sinks are very unusual and showcase a mosaic tile pattern in the wash basin. Some of the vessel sinks resemble natural stone and offer a unique rustic look.

Sink Mounting Styles
Hand Painted sinks come in several different mounting styles. It is important to understand which mounting type is right for your installation.

Barcelona Sink Under mount sinks are mounted underneath a countertop so that there is a smooth edge all the way to the bowl of the sink. This is an ideal mount for those seeking clean, modern lines and for those who want easy clean-up. There is no sink "lip" for debris to build up around and the countertop can be wiped easily around the sink area.

Over mount sinks are mounted over the countertop. A hole is cut just large enough for the basin of the sink to fit in. The lip of the sink sits flush on top of the countertop and creates a raised edge for the sink. This style is perfect for those seeking a traditional look or who want the decorative edge of the sink to be visible from all areas of the room.

Vessel sinks are sinks that are mounted on top of the countertop. They appear to be a bowl or vessel that is just sitting on the surface as a decorative element, rather than a sink. The sinks are not only painted on the inside of the basin, but also along the outside as well, making them visually appealing from all angles. Vessel sinks are one of the hottest design elements available today and are great for all styles, from rustic to contemporary.

Barcelona Sink Pedestal sinks are the perfect solution for small bathrooms or powder rooms. A vessel sink is mounted onto a painted pedestal and both are painted with the same design. For those looking to make their sink the focal point of the room, pedestal sinks are an ideal choice.

Are Hand Painted Sinks Right for You?
Today, design is just as important as functionality. Choosing a hand painted sink moves your space beyond just a place to run water. It creates a space with character, attitude, and style. These artistic sinks will create a striking focal point in your room and will function with beauty for years to come.

See our entire collection of Hand Painted Sinks!

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