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Leaf Tiles from Avente

starleaf tile Imagine a forest in early fall, full of Black Oak, Maple, Poplar, Hickory, and Ash trees. The colors of the leaves are just beginning to change and all of the gorgeous warm tones of Autumn surround you. The Queen Ann, White Oak, Starleaf and Gingko all sway in the breeze and cast shadows on the cool, damp soil beneath your feet. Now imagine that you open your eyes and find yourself not in the forest, but in your own home, surrounded by all of the beauty and nature you just visualized. This can be a reality with our Autumn Leaves tiles!

leatherleaf tile Leaf tiles are a breathtaking way to bring the outdoors in. Richly colored leaves in tones of gold, burgundy, and green, are painted onto a rustic, neutral background that blends effortlessly into almost any decor. Each Autumn Leaf tile is pressed with a real leaf, or leaves, giving them a fossilized look. The autumn leaves tiles have a great stony matte finish which accents natural stone, such as tumbled marble, beautifully.

hickory leaf tile How can you add a touch of nature to your home? Autumn Leaves tiles fit seamlessly into a country kitchen, a woodsy bathroom, or around a cabin fireplace. Intersperse the leaves throughout a backsplash, or line them around a shower. Use them in any space to add a taste of the outdoors! True-to-life coloring and intricate details make these leaf tiles truly stand out.

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