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Mexican Tiles from Avente

About our Mexican Tiles
spanish cadiz tile The term "Mexican Tiles" is a general term that refers to a myriad of different tile designs commonly used and made in Mexico. Mexican tiles include Cuerda Seca, Talavera, Saltillo or Mexican Pavers, and colorful border tiles. Our Mexican tiles are hand-painted, one at a time, by master artisans and our designs are inspired by authentic Mexican ceramics.

The most common style of hand painted Mexican tile, known as Talavera, originated in the town of Talavera de la Reina, Spain. When the Spaniards came to Mexico in the 1500's, artisans from Talavera de la Reina introduced the Talavera process to the locals of a small town named Puebla. Today, Puebla is still the home of authentic Talavera pottery and ceramics. Because standards and regulations have been put into place by a potter's guild, true Talavera can only come from Puebla and each piece must be marked with the factory name and registry number.

portuguese ruan tile How They Are Made
Mexican Hand Painted tiles made in the Talavera style are made from red clay bisque and painted on top with an earthenware glaze. This glaze provides the brilliant white background for the colored design to be painted on. The pattern is then stenciled on by hand and each color is carefully painted into place using mineral pigments. The tiles are fired for several hours, and the result is a beautiful work of art.

Avente offers a full collection of Mexican Tile, including our Spanish, Portuguese, New Iberica, and Talavera lines all of which are hand painted tiles from Mexico.

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