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Moroccan Tile from Avente

About Moroccan Tiles
moroccan tile living space The term Moroccan tiles can refer to many different types or styles of tile made in Morocco; but often the term refers to the traditional encaustic tile that originated there. Encaustic tiles are cement tiles that are hand made using a 150-year old method that involves a mold, die and a hydraulic press. Moroccan tiles were first created in the mid-19th century and originally, these beautiful, decorative tiles were only used in high-end homes and buildings. Within a few decades, however, Moroccan tiles could be found in homes throughout the country. Their popularity was due to the unique beauty of the tiles, as well as their incredible durability.

Moroccan cement flooring tiles are a long-lasting, decorative flooring option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are extremely durable, lending themselves well to high traffic areas such as entryways, hallways, kitchens and living rooms. Avente has a completely customizable line of these tiles as well as custom color matching and custom designs. Please contact us with your specific design requirements and we can help you find a tile to fit your needs.

How They Are Made
Made up of three layers, dense Moroccan tiles measure just under an inch and are very heavy. The uppermost layer is created by placing a sectioned die at the bottom of a mold and pouring a color cement mixture made from marble powder, white Portland cement, and mineral based pigments into each corresponding section of the die. This creates the decorative layer of the tile. The middle layer is composed of grey Portland cement and fine sand and creates a strong adhesive between the color layer and the main body of the tile. The bottom layer is made from fine and regular cement, sand and limestone powder and creates the porous tile body which allows for the tile to adhere well to the surface to be tiled.

moroccan tile living space Once the three layers have been poured, 2 tons of hydraulic pressure is applied to the Moroccan tiles, pressing them into shape and creating their dense, durable body. The tile is then cured underwater to ensure proper hardening.

Design Information
Moroccan tiles are a durable, waterproof, eco-friendly flooring option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Avente offers a full collection of Moroccan inspired cement tile. Although our tiles are not made in Morocco, our designs are inspired by the traditional designs used when the tiles were first created. Our tiles are created using the same, centuries-old technique and offer the same outstanding durability that true Moroccan tiles offer. You can customize any of our 27 available patterns using any of the more than 54 available colors. Custom color matches and custom designs are also available.

See our entire collection of Moroccan Tile!

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