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Portuguese Tiles from Avente

About our Portuguese Tiles
portuguese tile backsplash Avente has a collection of classic and contemporary Portuguese tile designs that are painstakingly painted by hand on red bisque. Our Portuguese Tile designs are representative of the tiles, or azulejos, found all over Portugal from historic churches and monasteries to park benches and fountains.

Portuguese tiles were heavily influenced by the Moors, but their influences were brought through the impact they had made in Spain, not directly to Portugal. Early Portuguese tile making came about in the 15th century and the dominant colors used were green, blue, yellow, and white and primarily floral designs and religious scenes were depicted. By the 17th century the most popular tiles were primarily blue, but a broader range of designs had come into use.

Today, tile remains a huge part of Portugal's architecture and is tile exporting is still a part of their economy. Lisbon also has its own Tile Museum that chronicles the country's tile history from the beginning to the present.

Uses & Benefits
The uses and benefits of ceramic Portuguese tiles are almost endless. Portuguese tile designs are stunning when used as a full wall covering. The bold designs and bright colors really make a statement. In addition, because of their high gloss glaze, Avente's Portuguese line is perfect for wet applications such as showers, baths, swimming pools and fountains. Our Portuguese tiles provide value because they are color permanent and abrasion resistant. There is never a need to wax, buff or polish. Their versatility allows you the capability to create the perfect look for your space.

Avente offers a full collection of Portuguese tile designs that and other products that are of incomparable quality. Our mission is to search the globe for the finest, most extraordinary tiles you will find anywhere. Please contact us with your specific design requirements and we can help you find a tile to fit your needs.

See our entire collection of Portuguese Tile!

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