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Tile Trim and Liners from Avente

About Tile Trim and Liners
cornice molding Trim tiles are shaped to turn corners or define the edges of a tiled area. They are typically used along the edges of field tile, or flat tile, but can also be used on their own. There are many types of trim tiles, some with confusing names, so it is important to understand what each trim tile and liner is so that you may easily distinguish which type of trim tiles are needed for your installation. A visual guide of various trim pieces can be very helpful in understanding how trim and liners are used. When selecting tiles for your project, be sure to check for the availability of trim tiles to match your field tiles and select a trim style that is best suited for your area to be tiled.

concept with trim tile Understanding and Incorporating Tile Trim and Liners
Some of the most important definitions to know when choosing trim, are bullnose and v-cap. Bullnose tiles come in both single bullnose and double bullnose varieties. Single bullnose tiles are rounded on one edge and are used the finish the top of a wall installation or used to turn a corner. A double bullnose is rounded on two adjoining sides of a tile and are used to finish off a corner of a wall installation. V-cap tiles are an attractive way to finish off the edge of a countertop or other surface. They provide a smooth uninterrupted curve from the top to the side of the surface.

Tile trim and liners can add a finished look to your tile installation with pieces such as bullnose, quarter round, and domed liners. Architectural design elements can also be added to your tile installation by incorporating tile trim and liners such as Top-P molding, cornice molding, or other trim pieces with relief designs.

Check Out Your Trim Options
cord trim Avente offers a many different Tile Trim and Liners to complement a variety of field tiles.

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