Sales Tax on Avente Orders

Avente LLC collects sales tax for hand painted ceramic tile and cement tile being shipped to California. Because we do not have a presence in any other state, we are not required to collect sales tax in those states.  Sales tax is charged on all merchandise shipped in to a location in California.  Additionally, services like renderings, custom molds, and custom color matches are are subject to California state sales because they are considered production tooling produced and used for the manufacture of a final product,  Shipping by third party freight companies is not taxed on any order.

The tax rate for ceramic and cement tile orders shipped to California will be one of two rates, based on where you take title of the merchandise (shipping or pick-up location).  Effective January 2017, these are the current tax rates:

Orders Shipped To: Tax Rate
Los Angeles County, California 8.75%
All Other California Locations 7.25%