Heritage Cement Tile Tech Info

Cement Tile Technical Information for Heritage Cement Tiles.  Lines included are the Artist Series, Cuban Heritage, Geometric, Heritage Solid Color, and Traditional Lines.  You may download this reference as a guide in pdf format: Heritage Cement Tile Specification and Technical Data


Cement Tile Composition

Cement tiles consist of a color layer (the part with the pattern or color) that you walk on and the body which is below the color layer.  The body provides the strength to the tile.


Color Layer

  • White Portland cement
  • Marble Dust 
  • Silica Sand
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Mineral pigments (iron, cobalt and chromium oxides) for color

Tile Body

  • Gray Portland cement
  • Sand
  • Calcium carbonate

Manufacturing Process

Cement tiles are completely handmade. The color layer is prepared in batches and every component is weighted in order to guarantee color consistency. The color is mixed in a horizontal mixer that guarantees the homogenization of the mixture. The color is then mixed with water and hand poured into the different molds. The thickness of the color layer will always be between 3 and 5 millimeters (about 1/8").

Two layers of cement and sand are poured on top of the color layer and then the tile is pressed using a hydraulic press which applies 1,700 PSI of pressure. The tiles are placed on a large drying rack that allows air to circulate around all sides of the tile. 

To guarantees proper cement hydration, the tiles are soaked in a water bath. Finally, the tiles are left to dry for 10 days and then hand inspected. Tiles are ready for shipment 28 days after they’ve been manufactured and will have achieved 98% of their strength from the curing time.


Dimensions and Weight with Tolerances

8" x 8" Tiles

200 x 200 mm +/- 1mm, thickness 16 mm +/- 2 mm, weight 3.6 lbs +/- 0.1 lbs

7-7/8” x 7-7/8” +/- 1/32”, thickness 5/8” +/- 1/16”

10" x 10" Tiles

250 x 250 mm +/- 1mm, thickness 18 mm +/- 2 mm, weight 5.5 lbs +/- 0.1 lbs

9-7/8” x 9-7/8” +/- 1/32”, thickness 3/4” +/- 1/16” 


Average Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF)

Unpolished / dry: 0.88

Unpolished / wet: 0.92

Polished / dry: 0.83

Polished / wet: 0.68

Freeze/Thaw resistance

Cement tiles are not resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and should not be used outdoors where freezing temperatures exist.

Acid resistance

Cement tiles are not resistant to acids and should be cleaned with neutral cleaners.