How to Create a Cement Tile Rug Design

Handcrafted cement tiles are capable of grabbing the attention of anyone who enters your home from the moment the front door is opened.


Tips for a Successful Cement Tile Layout

The keys to creating a long-lasting, successful cement tile rug is planning, and a good sketch or drawing done to scale showing the placement of the tiles.

A Cement Tile Rug Design Installation

An eye-catching cement tile rug is used in this residential entry
    1. Generally, use the same size border tile as field tile. It makes the installation and layout much easier.
    2. If you choose to use border tiles that are a different size from your field tile, your rug width and length must be a multiple of both tile sizes to avoid unsightly cuts in the border pattern. If you are using an 8"x8" field tile for the rug and trimming with a 12"x12" border; the width could be 48" because it requires exactly six 8" tiles and exactly four 12" tiles.
    3. Don't run the border to the edge of the room. Even if it fits; nothing is ever square and they'll need to be cut. Cuts on pattern tile really accentuate a room being "out of square." Allow for at least one or more rows of solid-color fill tile outside the border. Fill tile are solid color tiles that fill the irregular parts of the room outside the border.
    4. Center the rug in the main area of the irregularly shaped room. This will usually be a rectangular shape, so it's easy to find the center. Make sure you use the same number of tiles on each side of the long axis.
    5. Create the floor layout plan to scale otherwise the drawing is useless. Any obvious omissions or errors will become obvious with a floor tile plan or layout for your cement tile installation. It's also a great way to communicate with your installer and avoid costly installation errors.


Lastly, but most importantly, an extremely level surface is critical for any cement tile floor installation. For commercial applications, we recommend that you only install over a flat, level and stable cured concrete surface.

Cement Tile Terms for a Classic Rug Pattern

Cement Tile Rug Nomenclature Diagram

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