Spanish Tile Design Center

Welcome to Avente Tile's Spanish Tile Design Center!

Should we say Bienvenidos? Regardless, we are excited to share our passion for tile. These colorful, hand-painted decorative tiles with classic Spanish motifs have been a passion of ours since we first started selling tile. For a winning look, pair them with our Rustic and Arabesque cement tiles. These concrete tiles have the rich look of classic clay bisque that's been used in Spain and the Mediterranean.

You can also work with plain tiles and create unique geometric designs. The geometric patterns of Spanish tiles have created alluring charm in homes for centuries. Whether you choose the time-tested patterns of bright, glazed ceramic tiles, the geometric patterns of classic bisque cement tile or glazed ceramic tiles, we can help!  Your design is sure to be magical!

In this Spanish Tile Design Center, you'll find links to resources that will answer your questions about decorative Spanish tiles and bisque pavers. If you don't find answers, please let us know by completing our Information Request Form.

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Learn About Spanish Tile


Designing with Spanish Tile


Quick Reference to the Spanish Tiles Carried by Avente Tile

Avente Tile offers an expansive selection of decorative Spanish tile created by hand using traditional methods like Majolica, Cuerda Seca and relief. Consider using them with our plain, field tile to achieve a truly rustic look. Click on the images below to browse through Avente's selection of decorative Spanish tiles and handmade cement tile Spanish pavers.



Avente's Spanish Tiles are beautifully hand-painted in a variety of colors and patterns on ceramic bisque using time-honored techniques.

Remember that cement tiles are handmade, one tile at a time, making each tile unique and different - you'll see the hand of the artisan tile-maker in each cement tile.

Using the Majolica technique, our Classic Spanish Tile designs include colorful patterns from the different regions of Spain. While other styles, like Malibu, use the ancient Cuerda Seca technique common in Spanish Revival designs of the early 1900s.

Expect variation in these hand-painted Spanish tiles, because it is the hand of the artist that makes them unique. Each piece is an exquisite rendition of a vintage tile or a classic technique re-applied to create timeless beauty.


Spanish Tiles in the Majolica Technique

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Bareclona


Cuerda Seca Spanish Tiles

  • Malibu Decorative Tile with Glazed Backgrounds
  • Malibu Decorative Tile with Terra Cotta


Quick Reference to the Spanish Rustic Cement Tiles 

Our Rustic Cement Tiles are a unique line of Spanish floor tiles that can also be used on the wall or floor.  Look to our Rustic Cement collection if you desire square and rectangular formats (from 2"x2" to 16"x16") with a rustic feel. Not all tiles will be the exact same shape, as color variation is part of this collection's allure. Exquisitely designed and manufactured in the USA, Avente's made-to-order Spanish Rutic Cement Tiles are hand-crafted using cement.

These Spanish Floor Tiles in classic shapes create a rustic look similar to what you'd find in traditional clay bisque tiles and pavers from Spain and Mexico. Once you've selected the size, then choose a color from the Rustic Color Palette that offers classic clay bisque colors, Saltillo-looking colors, as well as softer, contemporary shades. Blends and textures are also available.

  • Rustic Cement Tiles
  • Rustic Relief Tiles
  • Rustic Molding and Trim


Quick Reference to the Spanish Arabesque Tiles 

The Arabesque collection pays homage to a deeply rooted and rich heritage of traditional Moorish and Spanish tiles that feature interlaced geometric patterns. With their nuanced curves and unusual geometric shapes, these Spanish tiles are sophisticated and charming. Choose from traditional bisque colors, to create Old World charm, or use a contemporary shade such as off-white and grey. Spanish Arabesque Pavers are made to order and hand-crafted from cement in the USA. To start, select a shape, then choose a color from the Rustic Color Palette. Blends and textures are also available.


The Clay Arabesque offers the same shapes and sizes; but, available in a 3/8" thick glazed tile

The Rustic Terracotta offers commmon formats in a 5/8" thick unglazed or glazed ceramic tile for a traditional look.


Where to Use Spanish Tile

Ceramic Spanish tiles have a wide range of uses and benefits. Traditionally, these types of designs were used as wainscoting. Today they are still used as full wall coverings but are also great for backsplashes, countertops, showers, bath accents, swimming pools, fountains, windows, stair risers, and floor accent tiles.


In addition to their wide variety of uses, Spanish tiles provide more versatility and value than any other material. They are color permanent and abrasion resistant, and never need to be waxed, polished or buffed. With so many colors, patterns, and tile sizes to choose from, ceramic tile gives you the capability to create any design element you desire.

Cuerda Seca Tile-making Technique for Spanish Tiles

The Cuerda Seca technique, or dry cord,  originated in Persia and came to California via Spain. In the 1920s, much of the pottery in Northern and Southern California began to reflect this technique. The Cuerda Seca process begins with a wax outline being drawn on the tile. A syringe is then used to apply the glaze. The glaze beads up during firing and creates slightly flooded areas against the wax outline. Usually, a black wax is used for the outline, thus creating a black outline in the design.

Majolica Tile-Making Technique for Spanish Tiles

A Spanish term, Majolica is a lead and tin glaze that creates an opaque white surface that can then be painted on. The process of making majolica consists of first firing a piece of earthenware, then applying tin enamel that upon drying forms a white opaque porous surface. A design is then painted on and a transparent glaze applied. Finally, the piece is fired again.