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Cuban Tiles for the Fifth Wall: The Ceiling

Cuban Tiles for the Fifth Wall: The Ceiling

Cuban tiles use bold, bright colors like salmon or indigo. Also prominent in Cuban Tiles is the use of double borders. Cuban Tile is de rigueur flooring for Miami homes built in the Spanish Mediterranean Revival period. This bright bathroom uses a classic Cuban Heritage Pattern in the bold, contemporary colors of Turquoise, Brown, and Caribbean Blue. The tile used on the floor, wall, and ceiling of this particular installation exudes a modern and cool feel. Here, a border is also used between the wall and floor joints to provide a boundary and transition.

Ideas for Using Cuban Tiles

Cement tiles became known as Cuban Tiles because of their ubiquitous use in both residential and commercial applications on the island of Cuba. Cuban tiles, as seen in our Cuban Heritage Handmade Cement Tile collection, use bold, bright colors like salmon or indigo. Also prominent in Cuban tile is the use of double borders. Here's a wonderful example of contemporary cement tile design.

Some design tips to keep in mind:

  • Limit your choices to a few colors.
  • Choose simple patterns that use just a few colors in a contemporary palette.
  • Install patterns so they run to the edge of the room.
  • Use a border at the edge of a room if you're installing the same pattern on vertical and horizontal surfaces to provide a transition.
  • On simple geometric patterns, try "mismatching" dark and light colors on neighboring tile. This works well for high-contrast tiles.

Cuban Heritage Design 140 2B Handmade Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage Design 140-2B
Cuban Heritage Design 120 1A Handmade Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage Design 120-1A

For more cement tile design inspiration, check out all the ideas we've posted on, our Pinterest boards, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas pages.

Cement Tile Installation Tip

Cement tile can be used on the floors, walls, and ceilings of bathrooms, showers, and other wet areas if they are sealed properly with a penetrating sealer. This step helps to avoid stains, while keeping the tiles watertight. Installing cement tile is a fairly simple process, but it must be done with care in order to achieve the best results. To fully enjoy the versatility of handmade cement tile, we recommend reading our Cement Tile Installation Guide.

Lastly, each cement tile is individually handmade. Slight variations, such as in thickness, shade, imperfections and irregular edges are inherent to this type of product. These characteristics add to the products natural appeal and do not compromise the performance of the tile. It is very important when installing to pull pieces at random from different boxes in order to achieve a better distribution and blending of the material.

If you need further assistance or have any questions about cement tile, then please feel free to call our offices at 888.739.4972 or email us at:


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