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Classic Fez Cement Tile Bath Exudes Style

Classic Fez Cement Tile Bath Exudes Style

Our Moroccan-inspired Fez handmade cement tile collection brings the perfect design element into a bathroom that not only offers bursts of color, but also a sense of characteristic timelessness.

Classic Fez-A Handmade Cement Tile series is an eco-friendly product that looks great, provides slip-resistance for wet areas, and improves in appearance over time.

Design Idea for Cement Tile Patterns

Unlike our more elaborate Classic Cluny-C handmade cement tile pattern, which is a quarter design where four tiles are needed to complete a pattern, our Fez collection of handmade cement tile requires only one 8"x8" tile to complete a pattern, thus making it the perfect choice for small areas. Of course, you can still make a statement in a big room using this tile, too! Inspired? Then see our Fez cement tile collection, along with additional European-inspired styles, within our Classic Collection.

For more cement tile design inspiration, check out all the ideas we've posted on our portfolio, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas portfolio page.

Classic Fez-A Handmade Cement Tile
Classic Fez-A
Classic Fez-B Handmade Cement Tile
Classic Fez-B

Cement Tile Tip

Like natural stones, cement tiles are porous and therefore need to be sealed to avoid staining. Penetrating sealers coat the cement particles in the tile making it less likely they will retain stains. Topical sealers create a surface barrier so stains do not reach the cement. Topical sealers have different finishes: shiny and matte. Matte sealers are produced by adding a chemical that cuts the shine, but also weakens the sealer.

Encaustic vs. Cement Tile

Cement tiles are often mistakenly called Encaustic Tiles or Encaustic Cement Tiles. Whats the difference, you ask? Well, we get this question a lot, so to help clear things up, here are two points to remember:
  • Encaustic tiles are created with an inlaid pattern of two or more different colors of clay and are more correctly called inlaid tiles.
  • Cement tiles are first created using mineral pigments set into a mold at the beginning of the tile-making process. Once the cement is poured on top of the pigment(s), the tile is hydraulically pressed. The final step is the curing process.
If you need further assistance or have any questions about cement tile, then please feel free to call our offices at 888.739.4972 or email us at:

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