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Cuban Tiles Make a Great Entry

Cuban Tiles Make a Great Entry

Cuban tile is a smart flooring choice for this residential entry in Florida. The tile is not only great looking, but it's also long-lasting and easy to care for. The pattern, Cuban Heritage Design 160 2A, runs to the edge of the room with no border to create a contemporary feel. Each 8

Cuban Tiles & Heritage Colors

The colors used in this Cuban tile are:

Cement tiles are versatile. It's easy to change the colors in any pattern, and design your own color scheme. Simply substitute a color shown with one from the Heritage Palette.

Cuban Tiles are Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are sometimes called Cuban tiles because of their ubiquitous use in both residential and commercial applications on the island of Cuba when it was a tropical playground.

Cuban tiles patterns are generally more elaborate and often use bold, strong colors. All of the Cuban tiles come in three colorways. One colorway is based on the original colors found in Cuba; the other two are more subtle for more contemporary use. For instance, besides the colorway shown, there are two additional colorways available for this pattern:

  • Cuban Heritage Design 160 1A
  • Cuban Heritage Design 160 3B
  • How Cement Tiles are Made

    Each tile is handmade by expert craftsmen who use a process developed over a century ago. Slight changes in the materials and tools have improved the quality of these magnificent Cuban tiles.

    The tiles are handmade from a mixture of natural materials including crushed limestone, Portland cement, aggregate (small stones), sand and water. Up to 25 artisans handle each tile during the manufacturing process. Some hydraulically press the tile, others rack the tile before it is submerged in a water bath for 24 hours, and a few will layer and pour the mineral pigment in metal molds before it is set out to air-dry for about two weeks.

    Expect Variation in Handmade Cuban Tiles

    These hand-crafted techniques create tiles with slight imperfections that provide character and make each one unique. Color variation is to be expected on both solid and patterned tiles. Generally, the range of color is complementary. However, inspect the material before it is installed. We always recommend a dry layout prior to installation.

    Installing cement tile is a fairly simple process, but it must be done with care in order to achieve the best results. To fully enjoy the versatility of handmade cement tile, we recommend reading our Cement Tile Installation Guide.

    If you need further assistance or have any questions about cement tile, then please feel free to call our offices at 888.739.4972.


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