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San Jose Quarter Design For a Wall or Backsplash

San Jose Quarter Design For a Wall or Backsplash

Create an eye-catching mural with quarter design patterns on a wall.

Quarter designs require four tiles to make the complete pattern and are often scaled versions of smaller tiles in the same colorway and pattern. Quarter design tiles generally have more negative space and are ideal for creating a patterned mural for large wall installations. Also, consider using them up to wainscoting height and baths or showers. Here, the San Jose Quarter 6" x 6" tiles create a stunning wall mural for this patio.

Our Barcelona ceramic tile collection is ideal for creating a truly Mediterranean look in any space. Each tile is an exquisite hand-painted rendition of vintage tile.

Using decorative tiles for a backsplash or wall creates a dramatic, appealing look. The pattern on each tile blends with the next to create a seamless design. Dont let the boldness of San Joses pattern dissuade you from using this vibrant series. To fully appreciate its pattern effect, we suggest purchasing four or more tiles for a broader perspective.

Spanish Tile Design Tip

Barcelona ceramic tiles have a wide range of uses and benefits. Traditionally, these types of designs were used as wainscoting. Today, they are still used as full wall coverings, but are also great for backsplashes, counter tops, showers, bath accents, swimming pools, fountains, windows, stair risers, and floor accent tiles.

In addition to their wide variety of uses, Barcelona tiles provide more versatility and value than any other material. They are color permanent and abrasion resistant. With so many colors, patterns, and tile sizes to choose from, ceramic tile gives you the capability to create any design element you desire.

Avente also offers a full collection of Spanish tile designs that are at the forefront of their class. Our ceramic tile line is stylistically superior and like no other you will find.

You can find additional ceramic tile design ideas for kitchen backsplashes, floors, and walls by browsing through dozens of our Ceramic Tile Design Ideas portfolio page. If youre on Pinterest, then make sure to be our Pin-Pal by checking out our Pinterest boards.


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