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Melilla Cement Tile Rendering: An Alternate Colorway

Melilla Cement Tile Rendering: An Alternate Colorway

Here's a rendering of an alternate colorway for the Traditional Melilla pattern. Colors in existing cement tile patterns can be easily substituted for about the same cost. Make sure to use the correct color palette. Use the Heritage Palette for Traditional Cement Tile line.

This pattern uses a traditional quarter design pattern for the main field. Quarter design patterns require four tiles to make a complete design. The single row border and corner tiles are used to make a traditional tile rug design, if desired.

Heritage Pattern Colors

The Heritage Colors used in this cement tile pattern and rendering include:

Cement tile are handmade one tile at a time. Therefore, slight variation in the color and tone is to be expected.

Cement Tile Customization

You can create your own design using this pattern and any color from the Heritage Color Palette. The guides below will help you get started in planning your color combinations.

Prices vary slightly based on the colors used (Heritage A, B, or C color groups) and the finish (polished or raw). This pattern is only available in an 8"x8" format. A scaled version can be created in different sizes; but, a new mold must be created. Costs for a custom cement tile mold start at about $600.

Below is a completed rendering of the Melilla pattern used as a cement tile rug.

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