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Explore the artistry of hand painted tile with Avente

Avente's collection of hand painted cement and ceramic tiles is unique because each one is hand crafted in exquisite detail. We've traveled the globe to find artisans who share the same passion for tile. As you explore our cement, ceramic tile and Spanish tile collections, you will see for yourself that the tradition and art of tile making is honored in all of our hand painted ceramic tiles, sinks and hand made cement tiles.

Explore Handmade Cement Tile

Handmade Cement Tiles and Concrete Tiles
Cement Tiles or Encaustic Cement Tiles

Avente's cement tiles, also called encaustic cement tiles, are hand made, one tile at a time using a process that is over 100 years old. You'll find traditional, geometric and contemporary patterns in each cement tile line which can each be paired with solid color cement tiles.

Explore Hand Painted Spanish Tile

Hand Painted Spanish Tiles
Hand Painted Spanish Tile

This collection includes exquisite classic Spanish and Portuguese tile designs based on the Majolica process, terracotta tiles with low relief in earth tones reminiscent of the California Missions, and Malibu tiles with less ornate patterns and bold colors influenced by Spanish Revival designs.

Explore Hand Painted Relief Tile

Hand Painted Relief Tiles
Hand Painted Relief Tiles

Relief tiles add texture and interest to any design. In this hand painted relief tile collection, you'll find classics such as Colonial Antigua in four glazes, plus more contemporary designs and colors.

Explore Hand Painted Field Tile

Hand Painted Field Tiles
Hand Painted Field Tile

The subtle color variations in our hand painted field tiles make them a perfect match for our decorative tiles. You'll find field tiles in basic colors, hundreds of glazes, crackle finishes, traditional edges and rustic shapes. Trim and molding is also available for many of the lines.

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Explore Animal & Fish Themed Tiles

Animal Tiles and Fish Tiles
Animal and Fish Themed Tiles

Our whimsical animal, fish and sea creature tiles are delightful and fun creations that add merriment and enchantment to kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and warm weather pools or fountains.

Our Hand Painted Ceramic and Cement Tile Design Ideas will inspire a look for your space and feature both cement tile and ceramic tile installations.

Published twice weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday, Avente's Blog, is a great resource for cement tile and hand painted tiles, too. We show how tiles are made, explore the history and art of cement tiles and ceramic tiles, and provide details on design, and installation tips. Each post is filled with photos, sketches and renderings for inspiration. We also share installation photos from our customers and provide home tours of unique, historical or fascinating tile installations. You'll learn how to use hand-painted tiles or cement tiles in any room of your home.

We think you'll enjoy our monthly, Tile Talk Newsletter with great design ideas, tile tips, and information about new products. Sign up now and we'll also notify you of special promotions that are only offered to subscribers.You can also find us on social media, likeGoogle+. Just click the social icons at the top of each page and joing the conversation on tile!

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