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Rustic Cement Tile Paver Patterns

Rustic cement tile pavers can add a great deal of interest to a cement tile floor because they can be arranged in patterns.

You can create interest and style with a unique cement tile pattern layout that complements the handmade appearance of Avente Tile's Rustic Cement Tile Pavers. These pavers have the rich look of classic clay bisque tiles that have been used in Spain, the Mediterranean, and northern Africa for centuries.

The added benefit that these pavers are made from cement - rather than clay - increases the durability of these rustic cement tile pavers, while the extensive color palette adds to their versatility. With nearly 20 patterns available, we make it easier to order what you want, while keeping the design process fun and simple!

We invite you to scroll through these rustic cement tile paver patterns. Note that each pattern specifies the blend of cement tile sizes needed to create that distinct tile floor pattern.

Pattern 1
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 1

20% 6x6 and 80% 12x12

Pattern 2
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 2

10% 6x6, 20% 6x12 and 70% 12x12

Pattern 3
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 3

50% 6x6 and 50% 12x12

Pattern 4
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 4

50% 6x6 and 50% 12x12

Pattern 5
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 5

60% 6x12 and 40% 12x12

Pattern 6
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 6

10% 6x6, 20% 6x12 and 70% 12x12

Pattern 7
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 7

10% 6x6 and 90% 6x12

Pattern 8
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 8

10% 6x6 and 90% 6x12

Pattern 9
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 9

10% 6x6 and 90% 6x12

Pattern 10
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 10

20% 6x6 and 80% 6x12

Pattern 11
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 11

30% 6x12 and 70% 12x12

Pattern 12
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 12

50% 6x6 and 50% 6x12

Pattern 13
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 13

40% 6x6 and 60% 6x12

Pattern 14
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 14

10% 6x6, 45% 6x12 and 45% 12x12

Pattern 15
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 15

10% 6x6, 45% 6x12 and 45% 12x12

Pattern 16
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 16

5% 6x6, 35% 6x12 and 60% 12x12

Pattern 17
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 17

50% 6x12 and 50% 12x12

Pattern 18
Cement Tile Layout Pattern 18

50% 6x12 and 50% 12x12

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