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"I received the Teruel tiles and I continue to LOVE THEM! I think they will be perfect for our fireplace. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You were fabulous to work with. The highlight of our entire renovation project. Thanks again!"
Beth K.
Vienna, VA
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Summer 2013
Luxe. Summer 2013. Garden Variety

Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

October 2012
Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine Quotes Avente Cement Tile


May 2012
Redbook Features Avente Cement Tile

Tile Magazine

January/February 2012
Tile Magazine January 2012 - Why Social Media should be considered a tool of the trade

Floor Covering News

14 November 2011
Avente Tile Owner Shares Blogging Tips in Floor Covering News

This Old House

October 2010
Cuban Cement Tiles Featured in This Old House


April 2008
Domino Magazine features Cement Tile

Florida Design

Fourth Quarter 2007
Florida Design Magazine's Cuban Heritage Tile Ad - Volume 17#4


October 2007
Domino Magazine Features Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Design 140

Avente Tile Mentioned Online

Home Decor

24 February 2015

Cement Tile and Tin Ceiling Tile Backsplash in my Gray and White Kitchen


December 2014

6. Feature Floor Tiles

Aspiring Home

30 May 2014
Aspiring home - Avente Hand Painted Tile
Avente Hand Painted Tiles

Decor Girl

12 February 2014
Decor Girl - Fashion Week + Valentine's = Tile Love
Fashion Week + Valentine's = Tile Love

Home Centrl

05 June 2013
HomeCentrl - Talking with Bill Buyok about the Coverings Trade Show
Talking with Bill Buyok about the Coverings Trade Show

Azure Magazine

23 April 2013
Azure Magazine - Eight Standouts from Coverings 2013 - pins and needles
Eight Standouts from Coverings 2013

Simple Marketing Now LLC

03 April 2013
The Social Flooring Index Blog:
Monitoring the Social State of Flooring & Floor Covering
Monitoring the Social State of Flooring & Floor Covering

Timber Frame Homes & More

28 September 2012
Timber Frame Homes & More, mentioned Avente Cement Tile as an appealing alternative to wood floor
Timber Frame + Wood Flooring?


May 2012
Redbook Online Features Avente Cement Tile
1 Dream Kitchen, 11 Real Ideas

Simple Marketing Now LLC

26 April 2012

Tile Industry at Coverings 2012


19 April 2012
Modenus - Color me happy  our trends from Coverings 2012 in Orlando (part 1)
Avente's Inner Piece Tiles Spotted as a Trend at Coverings 2012

Simple Marketing Now LLC

16 February 2012
How To Get Found Online in a Digital Marketplace
Bill Buyok, Avente Tile on Social Media for Small Business

Decor Girl

February 2012
Decor Girl - for the love of the backsplash
For The Love Of The Backsplash

Decor Girl

December 2011
Decor Girl - interior geometry requires no math
Interior Geometry Requires No Math

Decor Girl

August 2011
How To Get the Most From Decorative Tile
How To Get the Most From Decorative Tile


08 December 2010
stagetecture - interview the artisan appeal of avente tile
The Artisan Appeal of Avente Tile

Guest Blog Posts by Avente Tile


11 July 2012
Coverings - Connecting with Tile
Coverings and Avente Tile: a match made in tile heaven

Gold Notes

01 May 2012
Gold Notes: Tile Trends from Coverings 2012
Tile Trends from Coverings 2012


13 October 2011
Building Blox - Cuban Tiles
Cuban Tiles

Building Moxie

April 2011
Building Moxie - Finding Passion in Life with Tile
Finding Passion in Life with Tile

Kitchen & Residential Design

18 April 2010
Kitchen and Residential Design - Cement Tiles Provide Form & Function
Cement Tiles Provide Form & Function

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