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"The tiles arrived today and I couldn't be happier with them!"
Wendy W.
Hanover Park, IL

Leaf Imprint Tiles Make a Tranquil Space

Leaf Imprint Tiles Make a Tranquil Space

Bring the outdoors in with our Leaf Imprint Tiles! These decorative leaf tiles are pressed with real leaves, giving them a fossilized look. Our leaf tiles are hand-colored and offer a subtle way to enhance your kitchen or bathroom with a decorative touch.

Pin It Leaf Imprint Tiles Make a Tranquil Space

So imagine my delight when Tom Auer, owner of a landscape architect firm, The Ground Crafter, contacted me the first of the year about using some of our Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile for an upcoming trade show exhibit they would be attending. He explained that the tile were to be used on a water feature for an accent. He also let me know that he needed them right away. Unfortunately, we did not have any of the 8"x8" pieces in stock and the smaller 4"x4" format wouldn't work for him.

I always hate to disappoint a customer; but, I also try to provide a realistic delivery window. Handmade products require time and often don't work for projects that are on a tight schedule. If it can't be done, c'est la vie; but, let's look at the options. Avente works closely with its tile artisans and sometimes, we can beat the standard delivery time or find ways to improve delivery with expedited freight or shipping. I told Tom that we might be able to make the tiles and still meet his deadline. Of course, the artisan agreed and the tiles arrived in time for the show.

Pressed with real leaves, these decorative hand-painted 8"x8" tiles include a Maple Leaf, Ash Leaf, and Ginkgo Leaf design. Tom chose one of each of the following designs in the 8"x8" format to create a triptych that has perfect balance.

Maple Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile
Maple Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile
Ash Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile
Ash Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile
Gingko Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile
Gingko Leaf Imprint Ceramic Tile

Our Leaf Imprint tiles are popular kitchen backsplash accents; but, I think this is the first time they have been used as part of a trade show set. I've been to a few trade shows in my day and the exhibit show-stoppers are usually going for "wow" or "big." The Ground Crafter team created the most tranquil, peaceful exhibit space I've seen. I noticed they even included benches and cushions. Smart decision. Not only does it make the space more cozy, but also adds visual value. Seating at any trade show is hard to find. My congratulations for a nice job, Tom! I'm glad we could help with the tiles.

If you're looking for further inspiration with hand-painted decorative tiles, then we urge you to visit our Ceramic Tile Design Ideas portfolio for detailed installation photos and concepts.

NOTE: Images of the above trade show water feature are courtesy of Tom Auer, owner of the landscape architecture firm, The Ground Crafter.


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