Avente's 17 Top Selling Tiles of 2017

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Out with the old, in with the new.  It's always fun to see what tiles were the top seller's at the end of each year. There are always some surprises - tiles that even we didn't know were that popular.  There are always some classics that never go out of style -- tiles that founded this company on and I'm thrilled to see they still sell well today.  So, out with the old and let's review the popular tile colors and patterns and ring in what might be new for 2018.

Trends in Pattern and Color for Tile in 2017

There has been a strong trend in the past few years to use more plain encaustic cement tiles, especially in commercial locations. In 2017, several commercial projects in the US and Canada had a strong influence and can be seen by the popularity of warm colors from our Classic Cordoba Red and Caramel.  A definite departure from Pantone's trendsetting colors for 2018, Ultra Voilet, and 2017, Greenery.

You'll see some definite trends with color even if they aren't exactly in step with Pantone's predictions.  You can't go wrong with classic black and white and those cement tile patterns in a classic colorway just aren't going away.   Need proof, see our post on Favorite Black and White Tile Installations. If you don't want to play with pattern so boldly, consider white and gray and patterns.  This was a great goto colorway if you want to embrace patterns but are afraid a bold, graphic pattern is just to much.  This colorway allows you to soften or mute the pattern and you'll understand why our Zebra B and Amalia B patterns have sustain a long-running popularity with the cement tile crowd.

Geometric patterns that offer a bold, striking effect are gaining ground, like our Tunis Cement Tile, Geo 29c, and Geometrical Petals in ceramic.  It's great to see so many people embracing color and pattern that really creates a unique statement for their home or space.

The classics, like our Spencer glaze used on our pool tile draw inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement.  These complex, layered glazes have been more popular this year than ever before.  Partially, folks are draw to the handcrafted, rich variation in color that you can't get with a manufactured tile.  And, the same goes for our classic Spanish patterns in ceramic, like the Barcelona La Merced and Portuguese Braganza. 

Without further ado, here's our top selling tiles from 2017.  


  1. Spencer Porcelain Pool Tile 4"x4"

  2. Portuguese Braganza 6"x6" Ceramic Tile

  3. Tunis Encaustic Cement Tile

  4. Barcelona La Merced 6"x6" Ceramic Tile

  5. Amalia B Encaustic Cement Tile

  6. Arabesque Picketts in Cotto Dark

  7. Arabesque Malaga in Antique Gray

  8. Classic Cordoba Red Encaustic Cement Tile

  9. Geometric Geo 29c Encaustic Cement Tile

  10. Mission Circles C Encaustic Cement Tile

  11. Traditional Neiba 1 Encaustic Cement Tile

  12. Mission Yanelli B Encaustic Cement Tile

  13. Mission Zebra B Encaustic Cement Tile

  14. Mission Boccaccio C Encaustic Cement Tile

  15. Classic Caramel Encaustic Cement Tile

  16. Geometrical Petals G Ceramic Tile

  17. Mission Regent Encaustic Cement Tile

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