About Bill Buyok, Avente Tile, Owner

Meet Bill Buyok, Founder and Owner, Avente Tile

In 2002, Bill Buyok - founder and owner Bill Buyok, Owner at Avente tileof Avente Tile - was looking for hand painted Spanish tiles in classic patterns to use as accents for his patio. Although he looked high and low, exploring local showrooms, handmade tile stores, as well as online tile resources, he faced unexpected difficulty. When he finally found the right tiles, he not only fell in love with them, but decided to start a company!  Avente Tile, an online tile showroom and catalog - makes hand crafted tiles more broadly available for others who share the same passion. Bill launched Avente Tile in 2003.  While the company has grown and changed, he continues to run the company with the same passion, knowledge, and love of these unique products.



Quality, Knowledge, and a Love of Tile

Bill Buyok brings unique professional experience and perspective to Avente Tile:

A fierce commitment to quality and manufacturing processes that he developed working for Chevron - a Fortune 500 company - as a field and project engineer, manager and team supervisor

An in-depth understanding of the tile production process, resulting from training as a mechanical engineer

Deep knowledge and experience delivering a user-friendly cement tile website experience, from working at a startup web design company selling and developing web applications.


Embracing Social Media to Talk Tile

You'll find Avente Tile actively involved on social media networks. Bill Buyok is the primary contributor and voice behind Avente's Blog, where he publishes articles about hand-painted ceramic tile or cement tiles every Tuesday and Thursday. The posts are broadcasts as part of Twitter's  #TileTuesday. He believes strongly in embracing social media to educate visitors and enhance the cement tile customer experience.

Bill started blogging in 2007 on the Avente Tile Talk Blog. For Bill, the blog's mission is to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation about hand-painted ceramic tiles and cement tiles. In 2015 the blog moved to it's current location so that it is "under the same roof" as Avente's product catalog and shopping site.

Bill has been published in several magazines and frequently contributes to blogs on the subject of tile and social media. For specific references see  Avente Tile News Articles and Web Posts Archive.


Bill Buyok & Avente Tile's Social Media Sites

These are the social media sites that Bill Buyok and Avente Tile are most active on:

  • Bill Buyok on LinkedIn: Find out more about Bill and connect with him on LinkedIn!
  • Avente Tile on Pinterest: Find inspiration and discover some of our other passions like travel, culture, food, art and wine!
  • Avente's Twitter Feed: Yes, we tweet about tiles on twitter! Get updates on products and sales plus information on design trends, tile trends, and just about anything tile. Don't miss #TileTuesday.
  • Avente's Facebook Page: Connect with Avente on Facebook. Like our page and share your passion for cement tile and hand painted ceramic tile! We love to share great design and provide practical tips.

Tile Connects You to the World

As a result of founding Avente Tile, Bill Buyok has extended his passion for tile color, design, and patterns to others around the world. For him, the greatest joy comes from bringing together tile made on a small Caribbean island with someone in NYC looking to complete the perfect kitchen backsplash.

Or, discovering how a piece of clay is sculpted into a relief design for a tile because of the talented hand of an artist in Guatemala, Cuba or Mexico and matching that beautiful tile with a stylish bath in Beverly Hills.  Bill says, "Tile makes me feel so connected to the world and its people in a very special way."


Ready to Go Explore Tile!

Now that you know more about Bill Buyok and the founding of Avente Tile, we hope you'll go explore Cement Tile Design Ideas and experience for yourself the beauty that inspired this company! If you need help finding the right hand-painted cement tile, let us know. There is no greater reward than sharing our passion for tile with you!