4 New In-Stock Cement Tile Patterns that Delight

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Looking for cement tile in some new patterns and need it right away? We have four new in-stock patterns that are sure to delight! Patterns include geometric patterns, like the Calais, in cool blue and white. You will also find two new contemporary patterns, Stripes and Madesimo, in classic colors. Finally, a fresh stylistic pattern, Bucharest, in soothing green. These four new patterns, like all cement tile, can be used on floors, walls or make a bold statement on the wall. Best of all, these patterns are all in-stock and ready ship today! 


#1 - Calais Cement Tile

The ever-popular Calais pattern in cool blue and white is a classic geometric pattern. This classic pattern works equally well in contemporary or traditional spaces. This simple pattern has found many happy homes in commercial spaces including restaurants, bistros, and coffee shops. The geometric pattern, originally inspired by stone tile, creates a star or flower using eight parallelograms inside a traditional octagon-and-dot pattern. If you love clean lines, geometry and pattern, the Calais to a great choice. We find that the pattern works well in contemporary and traditional spaces. It's a nice pattern for contemporary styles because of the clean, geometric lines. Alternatively, it works well in traditional spaces because patterns were commonly created using geometric tiles in two or three colors. You'll find this pattern in cement tiles dating in both commercial and residential building in Europe that date from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Similar patterns can be found in the United States created with penny hexagon tile. This pattern and the blue color works great on a shower wall, bathroom wainscot or powder room tile floor.


Cement Tile: Classic Calais B
Classic Calais B 8" x 8" Tile Grouping


#2 - Stripes Cement Tile

Simple patterns have a lot of flexibility in how you can use them. Our Classic Stripes in black and white is great contemporary style cement floor and wall tile. You can create a diagonal stripe with this pattern, a large V-pattern, or chevron. This is a great pattern for commercial spaces, like a hotel entry, that points guests to the reception counter, or use a chevron or stripe pattern in the halls.


Cement Tile: Classic Stripes C in V-Layout
Classic Stripes C 8" x 8" Tile in V-Layout

I also love this pattern on a wall. The bold stripes create a strong statement and the colors are easy to work with. You can even off-set the tiles to provide a miss-matched black-and-white pattern that quite non-traditional and a bit fun.

classic Stripes C 8
Classic Stripes C 8" x 8" Cement Tile in a Basic Layout
Classic Stripes C 8
Classic Stripes C 8" x 8" Cement Tile in a Chevron Layout

Classic Stripes C 8" x 8" Cement Tile in a Miss-Matched Layout


#3 - Mademiso Cement Tile

Keeping it contemporary but rounding the lines is our Mademiso pattern. This fresh, new pattern is stylish, contemporary design at its best. An eight-point star is created with overlapping squares on diagonal grid layout. The graphical effect is emphasised in this pure, classic color palette of black and white. A great pattern for softening the lines and work great on kitchen floor, backsplash or accent wall.


Cement Tile: Classic Mademiso C
Classic Mademiso C 8" x 8" Cement Tile Pattern Repeat


#4 - Bucharest Cement Tile

If you love more traditional patterns and like the soothing colors of green, the Bucharest is a great pattern for you. Consider pairing the jade and pine green colors with darker wood tones or the wood-look of porcelain tiles in a master spa. This flowing pattern also provides a great floor tile for formal dinning room - especially when accented with the rich woods of an oak or mahogany table.


Cement Tile: Classic Bucharest A
Classic Bucharest A 8" x 8" Cement Tile Pattern Repeat


Tips for Ordering In-Stock Cement Tile

In stock tiles usually ship within one or two business days and you'll receive your shipment within 3 to 7 days. In stock tiles are sold on a "first come, first served" basis. We can't hold tiles until they are paid. The only way to ensure the colors, finish and texture of any tile are right for you is to confirm the colors with an a sample. Most samples ship the next business days and can be delivered within 3 - 5 days. If you don't see a tile here that you like, check our complete list of stocked cement tile. Our in-stock cement tile list shows all of the tiles we have in stock and the quantity available.


Remember, cement tiles are heavy. Each 8"x8" tiles weighs over three pounds. Full orders, must be delivered via common carrier on a pallet. We are happy to provide a quote, including freight based on a complete and accurate delivery location. Online inventory is updated weekly and inventory changes daily. Always call us to confirm inventory on time-sensitive projects before ordering.

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