Cement Tile Provides French Bistro with Classic Look

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Cement tiles provide dramatic results for commercial spaces while offering design flexibility. The Coronet, a French-style Bistro in Tucson, Arizona, chose a classic Fleur-de-Lis pattern evocative of an era. Sally Kane, the bistro's owner, used an updated color palette in cool greens to achieve an eye-catching effect and updated look. The pattern is evocative of an era; but, the color choices are clearly fresh. 


While working with Sally on the design, she explained that, "The Coronet will be a French-style bistro. But, don't box me in. It will honor that style but not slavishly follow the tradition!" The traditional French floor tile, was a custom pattern Avente had created for a customer based on a pattern found in a reclaimed tile from Normandy that was no longer available.

Cement Tile Provides Traditional Look for French-style Bistro
The Coronet is a brasserie featuring classic French cuisine and cement tile

The fresh cool colors of Misty Jade mixed with hints of bold Peapod that are set against a complex Pearl Grey and defining Jet Black. Yes, the pattern honors the style in a new and fresh way.

Traditional Fleur-de-Lis cement tile with Macoris border tile
The Traditional Fleur-de-Lis cement tile with Macoris border

As your partner in offering only the best in handmade encaustic cement tile, Avente Tile will always be here to bring your design plans to fruition. Avente Tile is committed to helping you find the perfect tile and color for your home or commercial space. A successful design and installation is achieved with planning and when combined with our design services and years of experience. Let us help with your next commercial project - like we did for Sally Kane at the The Coronet. Our Cement Tile Design gallery features a large collection of residential and commercial projects dedicated to adding excitement in any space. How can we help inspire you today?

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Cement Tile: Floors & Walls

Cement Tile: Floors & Walls

"From where we stand the rain seems random. If we could stand somewhere else, we would see the order in it."
-- Tony Hillerman, Coyote Waits

As architecture relates to the structure and functional elements of a home, office or commercial space, interior design relate to the aesthetics and livability. As trends and fashion continuously develop, one thing is for certain: classic cement tile patterns will forever evolve around them. You can be assured that encaustic cement tile colors and patterns will forever meld and update themselves to any style of decor or environment.

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