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Looking for a great way to add color, pattern and interest to your floor or accent wall that doesn't cost a lot?  Consider creating a patchwork design with either neutral or colorful cement tiles.  The random patterns and colors from various cement tiles provide color and fun to an accent wall, outside patio floor, or commercial dining room or street level lobby wall.  Bright and colorful encaustic cement tiles will get people excited and smiling! 

Here's some of our favorite patchwork installations for both commercial and residential applications.  Cement tile patchworks have been used on walls and floors, indoors and outdoors and you'll even find them on end tables!


A cement tiles patchwork offers a warm and inviting accent for this hotel lounge

A cement tiles patchwork offers a warm and inviting accent for this hotel lounge



Colorful and fun cement tiles are randomly placed to create a fun and interesting dining space for this restaurant

A colorful and fun cement tile patchwork rug  is framed by plain tile to create a contemporary look for this restaurant's outdoor dining patio


Mission Cement Tile Patchwork was used for this Russian River Getaway in Sonoma, California

A Neutral Patchwork was used in for this Russian River getaway in Sonoma, California

Traditional and Cuban Patterns were used in this Residential Backsplash

Traditional and Cuban Cement Tiles are used in this Patchwork for Kitchen Backsplash


A view of the same kitchen shows how a patchwork can work with traditional designs

A view of the same kitchen shows how a patchwork can work with traditional designs



 Cement Tile Patchworks Make Any Space for Great for Entertaining

Cement Tile Patchworks Make Any Space Great for Entertaining


Patchwork Cement Tile Options

Our patchwork cement tile are available in colorful and neutral colorways.  The tiles are boxed and ready to ship, so you don't get to pick patterns and colors.  You can choose between a colorful patchwork and neutral or gray scale color scheme.  The colorful patchwork can use all of the colors in the line's palette.  The Mission line uses 60 colors and the the Heritage line has nearly 90 different colors.  Patterns include both traditional, contemporary, and geometric.  To make a patchwork design work, you need to include some tiles that are the same pattern and colorway and repeat some of the colors on a majority of the design.  Our tiles are boxed to include similar designs and make the design easy.  However, it's a good idea to order at least 15% more so that you can cull the designs and colors you don't like.  You also need to account for waste at least 10% depending on the installation and cuts required.

Our patchwork tiles are not seconds.  They are extra tile produced when an order is made at the factory.  When cement tiles are made, the factory produces about 10% more than is required to account for any problems with quality, color placement, or manufacturing.  When the order complete, we set these tiles aside and make them available for patchwork designs.


Another Example of a Colorful Cement Tile Patchwork

Cement Tiles that were shipped for a Colorful Patchwork Design 


Typical Designs and Colors Found in the Heritage Neutral Patchwork Cement TilesTypical Designs from an order of Heritage Neutral Patchwork Cement Tiles


Typical Designs and Colors Found in a Patchwork Cement Tile Order

Typical Cement Tiles you would find in a Colorful Patchwork Order


Patchwork Cement Tile Ordering Tips

Our Mission patchwork is stocked in our Los Angeles, CA warehouse.  Orders ship within 1 or 2 business days and arrive in 3 - 7 days.  If stock is depleted, allow about 14 days for delivery since additional stock must clear customs.  Mission patchwork tiles must be ordered in full box quantities (x12).  These tiles come pre-sealed so a grout release is not required prior to installation.

Our Heritage patchwork tiles can be ordered in any quantity and ship from our Miami, FL warehouse. The Heritage tiles do not come pre-sealed.  It's recommended to apply a penetrating sealer prior to installation to project from staining or damage from the trades.

All cement tiles need to be sealed with a penetrating sealer after the tiles have been grouted and cleaned to resist water and protect from staining.

A colorful patchwork design was used for this cafe

A colorful patchwork is perfect for this outdoor cafe


DESIGN TIP: Order 10% - 15% more tiles for a patchwork. You can cull designs or colors that don't appeal to you.


If you have extra cement tiles, use them for an side table
Extra cement tiles can be used for a side table or coffee table

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our favorite cement tile installations using a quilted, patchwork design.  The color tiles and bold patterns are sure to make a statement and will certainly add to the fun!

What are you waiting for? We got these great tiles in stock and ready to ship at a great price.  Go shop our patchwork tile designs now.


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