Relief Cement Tiles Offer Relaxed Feel

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The Hispaniola Collection from Avente Tile is an exclusive, made-to-order series of beautiful handmade cement relief tiles inspired by the climate, textures and surroundings of the Dominican Republic. How familiar are you with relief cement tiles? We love them because of the texture and dimension they add to any room. 

First created by renowned sculptor Patricia Feinman, the Hispaniola collection allows you to create a cement tile that reflects your signature taste and style. The slight irregularities and subtle color changes inherit to handmade cement tiles only contribute to the tile's beauty.


Hispaniola cement tiles
Hispaniola relief cement tiles not only add depth to this powder room, they also add much-needed light and openness.


Hispaniola cement tiles
Colorful, dimensional Hispaniola cement tiles liven up a powder room.

Along with their noticeable character and nuanced warmth, the Hispaniola Collection features more than 200 designs and 50 color options ranging from classic to modern. Because of their variety and customization capabilities, these tiles can be brought into almost any style of décor or setting.


Hispaniola relief tiles

In this powder room, Hispaniola relief tiles add texture, while complementing their surroundings.


The tiles in the Hispaniola Collection are made of white Portland cement, marble dust, and mineral pigments. To make each tile unique, the cement, marble and pigment mixture is poured into molds and then vibrated to remove air pockets, ensuring a solid product. Also, because the colors are embedded within the tile rather than painted on, the colors will neither fade nor deteriorate over time.

For design ideas, take a look at a beautiful bathroom tiled with Hispaniola tiles, as well as a gorgeous Hispaniola kitchen backsplash.

To further complement the collection of handmade relief cement tiles, Avente Tile recently introduced Elevations. Available in six shapes (Drop, Concave Rectangles, Petals, 3D Hexagon, Concave Hexagons, and Angles), this unique series is perfect for the design industry not only because it eloquently combines geometric shapes in both convex and concave relief, but it also offers an extensive color palette featuring more than 60 colors.


Elevations edgy, contemporary look of high relief geometric designs stand out for their architectural value.
Elevations edgy, contemporary look of high relief geometric designs stand out for their architectural value.

Elevations is well-suited suited for wall applications and can be installed with or without grout. Additionally, the tiles are available with a standard smooth surface or an optional waxed finish that provides a satin sheen. The tile come pre-sealed with a penetrating sealer and are ready to install.


If you are interested in incorporating Hispaniola or Elevations tiles in your design, then please contact Avente Tile for assistance.


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Desination: Cuba

Destination: Cuba
"I feel we are all islands - in a common sea." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

As the realization of Cuban-U.S. relations warming hits home, we couldn't be more excited for the possibility of visiting this island nation. Closed off for many decades, Cuba offers a rare glimpse at vintage 1950s architectural and design elements, including cement and encaustic tile colors and patterns.

Imagine the treasure trove of new tile ideas and collections waiting to be discovered because of newly accessible areas, such as private homes, former mansions, business establishments, public spaces, and more.

As such, it reminds us all that using handmade cement tiles for remodeling/renovations, or new construction projects, will not only enhance the look of your home, it will also play a well-deserved role in retail and hospitality spaces. Rest assured the cement tile you choose will withstand the test of time and foot traffic. For whichever project you choose to conquer, Avente Tile is here to help you reach your design goal. Our extensive Cement Tile Design Ideas gallery features a large collection of projects dedicated to adding excitement in any space. How can we help inspire you today?


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