Spanish Tile Brings Decorative Style Home

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Inspired by centuries-old Spanish tile designs, our Spanish ceramic tile line is skillfully hand-painted by artisans. The magnificent Spanish tile designs include borders, corners, large decorative tiles and accent dots. With this versatility, and vibrant colors, Avente Tile's Spanish tile collection can help create a timeless look that blends well with hand-painted field tile. 


It's because of these features that our client chose decorative Spanish tiles for the wet bar area. Our Spanish Tile brings long-lasting, Decorative Solution to any design.

With its historical Spanish patterns, colors and traditional "Majolica" glaze technique, the hand-brushed design of our Spanish Albacete ceramic tile collection perfectly suited our client's requirement of a decorative surface that was not only easy-to-clean and maintain, but also one that featured visual appeal while providing an overall cohesive look with the rest of the home's surroundings.

Crowell Residence Wet Bar uses decorative Spanish tile with hand-painted plain tile and molding
Crowell Residence wet bar uses hand-painted Spanish tile, plain tile and molding.

Spanish Albacete in 6"x6" was used for the counter tile.

Spanish Albacete in 3"x6" was used as the backsplash, as was our
Spanish Field Brushed Yellow Rope tile.

Our Spanish Field tile in Brushed Natural (6" x 6") was used
as the field tile for the countertop.


Further, it should be noted that our collection of kiln-fired Spanish ceramic tile can be used in outdoor installations, such as in pools and fountains. However, they cannot be used in frosty climates. We do offer Spanish tiles from other lines that are freeze/thaw resistant though. Please refer to our Ceramic Tile FAQs for more information, or call our office. We're here to help you realize your decorative dreams!

Avente Tile is happy to offer an expansive selection of decorative Spanish tile created by hand using traditional methods such as Majolica and Cuerda Seca. Consider using them with our solid-colored, field tile to achieve a truly rustic look.

We urge you to browse through our selection of decorative Spanish tiles here before embarking upon your upcoming renovation, redesign or new construction project.

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