Spanish Tiles Create Vibrant Patterns for a Kitchen Backsplash

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Our traditional Spanish tiles come in vibrant colors with versatile formats that create spectacular patterns when grouped together for a kitchen backsplash. To maximize the visual impact of these colorful patterned tile, group them to create a large mural. Here's some of our favorite Spanish tile patterns that provide eye-catching appeal in residential kitchens and bathrooms.


The tile patterns and colors inspired by these Spanish and Portuguese designs have weathered the ages to create classic looks that are still relevant and fresh today. The natural variation in these handpainted tiles looks best with natural stone, unglazed bisque or hand-painted field tile.


Spanish Tile Brings Style to Home
Spanish tile creates a dramatic focal point.
Shown: Spanish Alcala 6"x6" in Olive Green, Tan, and Brown
Hand-painted Spanish wall tile paired with concrete floor tile with the look of Mexican saltillo tile
Hand-painted Spanish wall tile paired with concrete floor tile with the look of Mexican saltillo tile
Wall tile: 6"x6" La Merced Quarter Design. Floor tile: Arabesque Cordova in Saltillo
Photo Credit: Jo Ann Richards, Works Photography
Hand-painted Spanish wall tile are used for the show and bathroom wall
Hand-painted Spanish wall tile are used in the bathroom and shower.
Shower tile: 6"x6" La Merced Quarter Design


Spanish Tile Design Tip

If you change the shape of the wall tile you are using, then it's best to separate the sizes with molding and trim. In a bathroom, smaller formats, like 3"x3" or 4"x4" are often used from the floor to sink height. Consider using larger tiles such as 6"x6" or 12"'x12" from sink height to the ceiling. Separate these two tile sizes with a molding or trim.


Portuguese tiles provide Old World charm in in this kitchen.
Portuguese tiles provide Old World charm for this kitchen.
Shown: Portuguese Oporto 4"x4"

You will see the hand of the artist - including brush strokes and color variation - in each Spanish tile we sell. Each line is slightly different in style and design. However, you will always find magnificent Spanish tile patterns that include borders, corners, large decorative tiles and smaller accent pieces. With so many options, the lines are easy to use, versatile, and full of vibrant colors.

Spanish Tile Patterns from our Barcelona line have a Mediterranean Feel
Brightly colored Spanish tile patterns from our Barcelona line create a Mediterranean feel.
Shown: Barcelona San Jose Quarter Design 6"x6"


Spanish Tile Formats, Styles, and Availability

The Barcelona line is a hand-painted ceramic tile based on classic Spanish patterns and colors. It's available in small quantities for quick shipping. This flexible line comes in five patterns, each in their own unique colorway. You'll find complete designs in both a 6"x6" and 3"x3" format. Hand-painted 3"x6" and 3"x3" border/corner trim is also available for each line that provides a variation on a theme for a cohesive look. The rich look of Yucatan Cobalt P-Molding provides the perfect trim. All tiles in our Yucatan line are made-to-order and ship from here in California. Allow about four weeks for most orders. The Spanish, Portuguese, and Malibu lines offer similar flexibility with patterns scaled on different tile formats .


Spanish Tile Design Center

Learn more about Spanish tile at our Spanish Tile Design Center. The historical Spanish patterns, colors and formats make the collection perfectly suited for any decorative surface where a pop of color or pattern is needed. Our Spanish Tile Design Center guides you through the different styles and options of Spanish tiles so that you can create a unique look based on your requirements. Do you want to see more installation idea for inspiration? Browse our selection of decorative Spanish tiles design ideas before embarking upon your upcoming renovation, redesign or new construction project.

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