Year End Cement Tile Sale

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Celebrate the season and all year long with encaustic cement tile. Our Year End Cement Tile Sale takes one of our favorite patterns, Traditional Neiba, and offers it in four new, exciting colorways. All four colorways are in stock for quick shipping and on sale right now! This special cement tile sale won't last long. We also have a few favorite patterns in top-selling colorways that are in stock in limited quantities. Don't delay it's not everyday you get great cement tile, at a great price, shipped right away! 


Cement Tile Sale Features Neiba Pattern in Classic Two-Color Colorways

The Traditional Neiba pattern is available in two classic colorways: Heritage Black and White and Heritage Ash Grey and White. You can't go wrong basic black, white and grey. These straight-forward colorways provide timeless looks and work well with accent colors like red, blue or yellow.

Neiba Cement Tile in a classic black and white

Neiba Cement Tile in a classic black and white is used for this Backsplash

Traditional Neiba B

Traditional Neiba B 8" x 8" Tile Grouping in Heritage White and Ash Grey

Traditional Neiba C

Traditional Neiba C 8" x 8" Tile Grouping in Heritage White and Jet Black

Cement Tile Sale Includes Two Eye-Catching Colorways

More complex cement tile colorways add interest and really change the way the pattern plays with your eye like this custom colorway paired with a border to make a rug. We have two additional colorways of Neiba in stock and on sale. One uses four colors, Neiba D, the other three colors, Neiba C.

Neiba Cement Tile

Neiba Cement Tile in a custom colorway paired with Macoris Border


Neiba D

Neiba D Colorway in Heritage White, Pearl Gray, Autumn Eve & Green Stone 8" x 8" Cement Tile


Neiba E

Neiba E Colorway in Heritage White, Autumn Eve & Sandy Brown 8" x 8" Cement Tile


Tips for Ordering In-Stock Cement Tile

We have almost 300 sq. ft. of each cement tile pattern in stock and ready for quick ship. Most orders will ship within 2 or 3 days. However, always start by purchasing a sample. The only way to ensure the colors, finish and texture of any tile are right is to confirm the colors with an an actual samples. Most samples ship the next business days and can be delivered within 3 - 5 days. Remember, cement tiles are heavy and must be delivered via common carrier freight lines on a pallet. We are happy to provide a quote, including freight based on a complete and accurate delivery location once you provide that information to us. While supplies last, we are offering these four tiles colorways at a discount of 25% off the regular price! That means you can purchase patterned cement tiles at prices well under $15 a square foot. Who says you can't have it all? Stunning beauty, quality cement tiles, that are in stock for quick shipping all at an unbeatable price!


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