A Cement Tile Patio Rug for All Seasons

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A classic rug design isn't just for interiors. You can create eye-catching outdoor entries and patios using patterned and solid-colored handmade cement tile, such as this exterior flooring project showcasing Classic Chantilly cement tile.

A Cement Tile Patio Rug for All Seasons

With the added benefit of color customization options, cement tiles can blend in with existing Spanish, Moorish or Contemporary design styles, or can become the focal point of any room by creating a unique look and feel.

Cement Tile Tip

Being made of concrete, cement tile floors are extremely durable and may accurately be referred to as concrete tiles. Cement tiles are an eco-friendly and sustainable product since they are not kiln-fired. If you need some inspiration or want to see how cement tiles are used in various settings and applications, visit our Cement Tile Design Ideasportfolio.

Design Tip

Our Classic Collection of cement tile is available in small quantities for quick shipping. This intimate line of cement tiles includes geometric designs, stylistic floral patterns and European styles in classic black and white, as well as popular colors. For ideas and visual inspiration on how cement tiles can enhance any room or setting, we invite you to visit our page on houzz.com, see what we've been pinning onto our Pinterest boards, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas.

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