Cement Tile As Artwork for the Patio

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The Artist Series is a unique collection of handmade cement tile created by artisans from the Dominican Republic. This series not only showcases their skills, but it also serves as a platform to elevate cement tile to functional art. Additionally, a portion of each sale supports charities that promote art within the artists' home country.

Cement Tile As Artwork for the Patio

This creative installation, using four pieces of the Cándido Bidó Dos Peces 10" x 10" Handmade Cement Tile from the Artist Series Cement Tile collection, really pops as a framed piece of artwork for any outdoor/exterior patio. As a decorative accent piece, its sure to add long-lasting color and whimsy to its surroundings. Remember, the only thing handmade cement tile is limited to is your imagination and a freeze/thaw environment. Other than that, it can be used on floors and walls, in both exterior and interior spaces.


Design Tip

For additional visual impact, add solid color cement tile as a border to make the decorative tiles stand out, becoming the focal point of your patio. You can choose any of our Heritage Solid Color Cement Tile or, create your own custom color using our Cement Tile Customization Services.


Cement Tile Buying Tip

The cost of freight for small cement tile orders can be as much as the tile. This is common for small projects when using cement tiles for a fireplace, backsplash or small bathroom where residential delivery is required. The cost of freight increases even more when you aren't near a large city or major shipping lane. In the installation shown here, the freight costs were 45% of the total order cost. Also, we do not require you to order a minimum amount of cement tile. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or search our FAQs to get the answer you need.

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