Cement Tile in Commercial Spaces: Coffee Shops

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The rich jewel tones in these cement tiles have created an atmosphere of whimsy and carefree relaxation in this Toronto coffee shop. Because they are so durable, cement tiles are an excellent choice for commercial floor applications, or high-traffic residential spaces.

Cement Tile in Commercial Spaces: Coffee Shops

Commercial Cement Tile Floors

The use of cement tile in high-traffic areas is quite common throughout Europe and South America where it can be seen on the floors, walls, and steps of centuries-old churches, homes and businesses.

Cement tiles have withstood centuries of wear -- an important factor for commercial floors. Its strength lies in its beauty, its skid-resistance, and most notably, its ability to age gracefully since the manufacturing process dictates for the color to be about 1/8"-thick. You can see how cement tile in a Las Vegas cigar shop graces the floors and walls of this commercial establishment, as well as adding style to this resort's high-traffic foyer.

Our Traditional cement tiles can be customized with colors found in the Heritage Color Palette. Refer to the Cement Tile Customization Services page for additional tile customization options.

Over the years, we've received many questions regarding the durability and manufacturing standards of Traditional Cement Tile. Here are the answers to the two most common questions:

What testing specification are the tiles made to so that we know the floor will be durable?
Unlike ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not manufactured to conform to TCA - ANSI standards for the class/application.

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