Cement Tile Provides a Warm Welcome

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When a customer requests a special size for their handmade cement tiles, we are more than happy to assist in meeting their design needs and special requests.

Cement Tile Provides a Warm Welcome

In this case, the customer needed an 8"x8" tile size of the Gran Cordoba Cement Tile pattern for their residential hall and bath. Because this pattern is only available in a 10"x10" format, the cement tile factory created a custom 8"x8" mold. Of course, there was an additional charge for creating a new mold; however, the customer didn't mind the extra charge if it meant they would achieve their design goal.

Further, rather than spending additional money for the border and corner molds, the customer chose the Cuban Heritage Design 250 Handmade Cement Tile 8"x8" Border and Corner Pattern to use with the field pattern, Gran Cordoba.

The colors used in this custom cement tile pattern include:

The customer used the Heritage Pale Green solid color tiles to fill the area outside of the rug. They also purchased strike-off samples of the border, pattern and corner to ensure color placement and design. You can see the entire process, from concept, design, and installation, on our Houzz Gran Cordoba - Luscen Custom Handmade Cement Tile Project entry.

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